Back To School Celebration

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It’s no surprise that most kids are NOT looking forward to the start of school, unlike most parents.  What do you do to help your child begin to associate the beginning of school with positive events?  There are many things.

Participate In Back To School Events

Most teachers and administrators understand that kids aren’t exactly excited to begin school in September or August.  They also understand that for some kids, the beginning of school means lots of anxiety.

Because of this, a number of schools host “back to school” events like open houses and orientations.  This is so that children can take a tour of the school, meet their teachers, and meet their classmates.  Events like this really help kids get excited about school and also go a long way to reducing anxiety.

Host A Back To School Party

If your local school doesn’t offer any back to school events, you might want to host a party yourself.    We hosted such a party a few years ago and I was surprised that several teachers actually showed up for the party! It meant a lot to the kids and the parents that these people took the time to attend a neighborhood event.

Make An “Event”

For some kids, getting excited about going back to school is as simple as going to the nearest mall.  Many of these kids are socially connected and enjoy school simply as a social event.  Academics are a definite second!

Nevertheless, most kids look forward to shopping for back to school supplies and picking out a favorite outfit for the first day of school.  Even if you’ll be getting your clothing from the local thrift store, make it an exciting event for the kids.  If possible, stop to buy a special treat like a “back to school sundae” which you all can enjoy.

Have A Coffee Clatch

Preparing for the first day of school is a lot of work.  Perhaps you can organize a first day coffee clatch for the first day of school.  Ask those families who will be at your child’s bus stop to arrive at least a 1/2 an hour before the bus arrives.  Each family can bring hot chocolate, muffins, or some other breakfast treat to share.  Not only will this encourage your children, and make the start of school something to look forward to, but you’ll be able to meet some of the other families in your neighborhood.

With a little bit of effort and some planning, your children can anticipate the start of school with some fondness!


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