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schoolI’m amazed at the things that my children are learning in school these days!  It seems they are learning advanced concepts several grades early than I did.  It also seems that I don’t remember the concepts as well as I did 25 years ago.  What do you do when your child needs help with his homework and you have no clue how to help him?  You search for homework help sites online.  Here are some help sites that we’ve used.

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This is the place to start when you need help helping your child with her homework.  This site has a list of many sites that can be used to help you find answers to your questions in a variety of subjects. 

For some people, the sheer volume of information on this site could be overwhelming.  I’d encourage you to check out the different sites and narrow down a few chosen sites now before your child has the homework issue!

Math Homework Help

Math seems to be one of the areas where the kids need to most help, especially as they get into the upper grades.  This site helps to explain difficult concepts through videos and tutorials.  So while you can’t ask a personalized question, you can get help to answer the question. 

Perhaps if you and your child watch the video together you’ll be able to help them?  I’ve done this before and it sometimes does help.


This stands for “pupils as, teachers help”.  This is a site where you can get live help among other things, to get help for your children with their homework questions. 

If you have no idea how to help your child with a concept that is being taught, this may be your best option.  For example, I took one semester of calculus in high school.  I will be honest and admit that I didn’t do so well in the class.   When it comes time for my children to study this subject, I’ll be definitely checking online for homework help.

If you don’t like to use the live chat option, you can email a teacher instead.  If you have more time, you can also post a question on the message board.


I like this site because it’s divided into areas for elementary level questions and areas for high school level questions.  This site has links to other sites and general information for help solving problems.  If that doesn’t work, you can also ask for help and get answers to your particular question.


This site is worth mentioning simply because it’s different! BJ Pinchebeck is a real person–and a really young person at that.  He’s now a senior in college, but he started this website to help other kids with their homework issues.  In addition to finding out your answers to your homework questions, you can chat with Mr. Pincheback himself.

By the way, the links and the information contained on the site is really good too.


I like this site because it is very straight forward and useful.  However, I think because of that fact, it will appeal mostly to older students or students who tend to get bogged down with visual details.  It has basic level information.

In addition to homework help, there are loads of resources on this site which are great tools to have. The site features an almanac, thesaurus, dictionary and an atlas.  Bonus points for that.

Math Nerds

I like this site!  One of the things I like about this site is that they are inquiry based.  That means that they will NOT give your child the answer outright.  They will give suggestions and ask questions in order to help your child find the right answer herself.

The site is staffed by volunteer mathematicians from all over the world.  What a cool concept!

Fact Monster

The Fact Monster website is similar to infoplease, but geared towards a younger age group.  The graphics on this are engaging and kid friendly and the pages load super fast!

The site has some trivia and other facts which kids might find interesting.  It also features an almanac, thesaurus, dictionary and an atlas. 


The Los Angeles Public Library maintains a free homework help site.  This site has tools to help you with your homework and you can also ask questions as well.  They also have a learning express library which can help you with your test preparation skills.  I think that’s a useful tool!

This site is geared towards teens.


student-studyingIn order to be most productive with your time, you may want to research these sites and decide which one you like the best.  Let’s face it, when your child has a problem with a homework issue, you don’t want to spend hours checking out different websites to see which ones can be of help!  Start the school year with a plan on how to handle homework problems. 

You may find that there are other resources available in your local community. Some school districts actually maintain their own homework help lines or websites or have after school homework help programs.  You may find help at your local library as well. You may want to check into these options too and decide if you want your child to utilize these services. 

How do you handle homework help problems?


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