5 Practical Baby Shower Gifts

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Perhaps you’ve been invited to a baby shower and you have no clue what to buy for the parents-to-be for their new baby.  Here are some great practical suggestions.

Health Care Kit

There are some really nice kits available and there are plenty of options!  When choosing a kit, make sure that the kit has a box or a container for all of the supplies!  If you haven’t a place to store all of them, it’s easy to lose things.  If the case locks or zippers shut it’s great especially if your friend has a toddler in the house. 


You can never have too many diapers.  If you are going to purchase diapers, you might want to consider purchasing size 1 or size 2 diapers.  Many infants can be over the weight for newborn diapers quite quickly as they are only for infants up to 10 pounds.  It’s also nice to have diapers stocked up in several larger sizes.

If you are purchasing diapers, you might want to consider adding some diaper wipes to the gift box as well.


You can NEVER have enough socks, especially if you live in a colder climate.  When they were very small, I’d put my children in several pairs of socks during the winter months when we’d go out. 

Why didn’t they wear shoes? I found that infant shoes tended to get lost quite often and were a waste of money for everyday use.  There’s nothing more discouraging than starting out at the grocery store with your child wearing two shoes, only to discover on the way home that your child had lost a shoe somewhere in the grocery aisles.

Gift Certificates

I think that gift certificates are a very practical and wonderful gift to give new parents, especially in today’s tough economic times.  This way, the new parents can purchase things that they need or they can stock up on formula, bottles, and diapers if they wish.

Many stores have gift cards that can be purchased with a baby theme which is a nice touch too.  Recently, my sister sent me a gift card to a chain store for our son.  The card has a picture of a baby in a pea pod and is really cute.

Gift certificates are a great idea especially if you live far away from the parents-to-be.  Instead of spending money on shipping expenses when sending a gift, you can send the parents the money instead!

Baby Sitting Coupons

When we had our first child, friends of ours gave us baby sitting coupons!  They created this creative coupons on their computer which were good for so many hours of free baby sitting. 

This was one of the gifts that I most appreciated, and it didn’t cost them a penny.  An added bonus for them was that they got to spend time with my daughter too!

What are some practical gifts that you’ve given during a baby shower?


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