Celebrating The End Of Summer

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beach-bucketIn the United States, the “unofficial” end of summer occurs on Labor Day weekend, the holiday weekend that usually happens on the first weekend of September.  This event usually is followed by the start of school the week following the holiday weekend. After the start of school, the weather begins to turn a little bit colder, and it’s obvious that summer has ended.

Many families take one last opportunity to enjoy the summer fun before the season ends.  If you and your family want to have some fun this weekend, here are some family friendly suggestions.

Go To The Beach

You may want to make one final trip to the beach to end the summer in style.  In many places, you can still swim in the ocean and it’s usually warm enough to be on the beach enjoying the sun with the kids.

In our area, Labor Day weekend is the end of tourist season.  The town puts on a big music festival usually attended by locals to celebrate the end of summer.  Your favorite beach may be having a similar event this weekend.  Check to make sure.

Remember To Include The Entire Family

After the hot and humid summer days, the cooler days mean that our dog will sometimes attend family events with us.  In our area, it’s acceptable for people to bring their dogs to public gatherings.  In some areas, this isn’t so common.

During the summer tourist seasons, locals are not allowed to bring their pets on the beach or on the boardwalk.  Now that tourist season is over, however, it’s safe to do so.  One of my fondest memories was watching the kids and the dog running along the beach last year, jumping in and out of the waves.  Many other families had their pets along too: one teen was surfing with his dog and another was playing catch on the beach with his dog.

Note that it’s probably a good idea to make sure that it’s ok to bring your pet to any seasonal celebration that you may be attending this weekend prior to actually attending.

Go Camping

In some areas, the cooler temperatures make this a great time to go camping.  If you don’t have the budget to leave your area, check into campsites locally and have a “staycation”.  A “staycation” is a popular term which means that you stay in your area when vacationing instead of traveling out of the area.

Have A Cook Out

Perhaps you can’t get away for the weekend.  Many folks who simply can’t do this may plan a big cook out or picnic with family and friends at their house.  This is another great way to celebrate the end of summer.

Do you have any special traditions to celebrate the end of summer with your family?  Please post.


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