Safety Tips When Buying Second Hand Items

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image from wikipedia

image from wikipedia

Many parents and grandparents purchase gently used baby items at yard sales, second hand shops, and thrift stores.  This is a great way to stretch your budget.  While they are busy calculating their savings, many consumers forget to consider safety.

The fact is that you may be purchasing an unsafe and/or recalled item when you shop.  How can you keep your kids safe?


When purchasing cribs, check to see the list of recalled and unsafe cribs first.  Make sure that the crib side raises and lowers properly before you purchase your crib.  If you are unable to purchase the crib, ask if you can get your money refunded should you find out that you have an unsafe product.

Pay attention to peeling and chipping paint.  If the crib is very old, it might actually contain lead in the paint.  Look at the crib slats on the sides of the crib.  If they are far enough apart that you can pass a soda can between them, don’t purchase the crib.

Car Seats

Most consumer organizations caution against purchasing used car seats.  If you know the seller very well, you may want to ask if the car seat was ever in use during a car accident.  If so, the integrity of the seat could be compromised. 


Use caution when purchasing items for young children with drawstrings on hoods.  Better yet, avoid these products.

Baby Walkers

When I had my oldest 16 years ago, it was very difficult to find baby walkers.  Due to new regulations, they just weren’t made.  Instead, they had baby scooters.  I did purchase a second hand baby walker for my children and they used the product without any injuries. 

When using a baby walker, closely supervise your child.  It’s possible that she could reach up and pull things down upon herself.  He could fall down stairs in the walker very quickly too.  If you have stairs, make sure that the doorway to the stairs is blocked off with a secure baby gate to avoid any safety issues.  Make sure that the walker latches firmly and that it won’t collapse when your child is in the walker.

When purchasing any product, be sure to check to see that your item has not been recalled due to safety issues.  If the item has been recalled or is not safe, return the item to the seller.  If it’s not possible to return the item, check with the company who manufactured the product to see if you can get a replacement.  If this is not possible, dispose of the item instead of using it.


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