Gardening in the Fall

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peasWhen I first began gardening, I never knew that people actually gardened in the fall.  I assumed that when summer was over, so was your gardening season.  Depending upon where you live, this may not be the case though.  Even if you live in a colder climate, you may still be able to extend your gardening season into the fall. 

When the weather begins to cool a bit, it’s the perfect time to start some of those gardening chores that you’ve been putting off all summer.  In our area, the summer conditions are very hot and humid.  Because of this, most people wait until fall to do a lot of the gardening work.

Most people clean up their garden and weed in order to prepare for the following growing season.  However, the season is also a great time to plant.  Not only can you get some great discounts and deals on gardening items for the following season, but you can find deep discounts on the plants themselves at most gardening centers.  I always like to shop now because the stores are less crowded and the items are less expensive.  A drawback is that the selection may not be as great as it was during the beginning of the season however.

Planting large items like trees and shrubs now is a great idea, especially if your winters tend to be mild.  If you live in an area where you have harsh winters, you may want to consider sticking with spring plantings. 

In our area, any item I plant in the spring will have to survive through the hot and humid summer.  I’ve lost many shrubs and trees simply because the conditions were very hot and very dry during a particular summer and I could not water due to water use restrictions.  I started planting in the fall because there are rarely water restrictions in our area during that season, unlike in the summer time.  In addition, the winters are mild, so any item planted in the fall has a chance to settle in and grow a bit before it has to weather the summer heat. 

Because you can never guarantee if your area will have ideal planting conditions at a certain time, it’s best to do your shopping at a store or garden center that offers refunds if your plants should die.  Be sure to save your receipts from your purchases for just this reason, especially if you have purchased expensive items such as trees and shrubs.

Happy Gardening!


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