Starting The School Year Off Right

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Depending upon where you live, your children may be back in school, or they may be starting school tomorrow.  At any rate, it’s never to late to encourage your child to make this the best school year ever.

Be Organized

It’s impossible to do a good job at school if you aren’t organized.  Encouraging your child to keep his or her school supplies in one place at home is a great start to helping your child stay organized. 

Be Prepared

Encourage your child to be ready to learn when the bell rings.  If your child is trying to find his pencil or figuring out which book she’ll need, she’s not concentrating on the lesson at all.  Of course, it’s always a good idea to remind your child that being ready to learn means that you are at your desk when the bell rings, not socializing in the hallway. 

Try, Try, Try

It’s important that students try their hardest and that they have positive role models who encourage them to succeed in school.  Encourage your child keeping on trying and doing their best in school.

Think About The Future

This is especially important for older students.  It’s important for students to realize that they need to set goals for themselves and they need to work to realize those goals.  For example, if your teen wants to go to medical college, she needs to set some goals in order to achieve that dream.  Once she’s set her goals, she can begin to work on achieving those goals.  If she wants to become a doctor, but never takes all of the courses needed to enroll in college, it will make achieving her goal that much more difficult.

Be Realistic

This is a difficult concept for some parents to think about.  It is important however to be realistic about your child’s progress and academic potential.  Expecting too much or too little from your child can be detrimental to your child’s emotional health, and to their attitude about academics.

Think about some areas in which your child did very well last year and continue to encourage them to achieve in those areas.  Think about the areas where your child could improve and realistically think about how you can help your child improve in those areas.  Your child may just need some more encouragement, or she may need some extra help.  Getting the help now during the beginning of the school year can make a huge difference!  Don’t delay.

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