Tips For September Brides

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September is now one of the most popular months for a wedding.  Perhaps you’ve just gotten engaged and are planning a wedding for next September, or the following September.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Consider The Weather

September weather temperatures can vary considerably.  If you are getting married during the early part of the month, you may have to deal with very hot temperatures.  Keep this in mind when choosing a dress, or dresses for your bridesmaids. 

If you want to have an outdoor wedding, you may want to choose a date later in the month when the temperatures will be cooler.  If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding early in the month, you can schedule the ceremony in the evening when temperatures are cooler.

Plan Early

Because the month of September is so popular, it may be difficult to find available slots for the reception or for the ceremony itself.  Consider having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday.

Most experts recommend scheduling your wedding at least a year after becoming engaged as it allows ample time to work out all of the details that go along with planning a wedding.  It certainly is possible to plan a wedding in under that amount of time, but it is a lot of work and a lot of stress.

Consider Your Budget

Because September is such a busy month with weddings, you may have to pay more for a photographer, videographer, or florist.  Keep this in mind and stick to your budget! 

Many couples get caught up in planning the wedding and over-spend.  They return from their honeymoon and have to deal with an enormous amount of debt and stress because of this.

Consider The Season

Depending upon the date of your wedding, it may be difficult to get the types of flowers that you want for your bouquets as the flowers may not be “in season”.  I know of several brides that used silk flowers for their bouquets because of this.  Another option is to mix silk and real flowers for a unique look.  Many times, you can’t even tell whether the flowers are real or if they are silk.

One last thing to consider when planning your wedding: September is also hurricane season.  If you live in an area where hurricanes happen frequently, you may wish to seriously think about changing the month of your wedding.  If you don’t want to change the month of your wedding, have an alternate plan just in case of a weather emergency.  It’s also a good idea to check  about a refund policy should you need to re-schedule your wedding for extremely inclement weather.

Did you get married in September?  Do you have any advice or tips to share with other brides?  Please post.


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