How To Prevent Diaper Rash In Babies

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Diaper rash is a common occurance in babies, but most times it can be prevented.  Here are some ways to keep your child free from diaper rash.

Change, Change, and More Change

One secret to keeping your baby rash free is to change her diaper frequently.  If your child has sensitive skin and gets rashes easily, you should change her diaper as needed or every two hours. 

Sometimes, changing your child’s diaper at least once during the night can help to keep rashes from developing.  Many parents use “overnight” diapers which can cause problems with some children.

Watch The Products You Use

If your child has sensitive skin and gets rashes easily, you may want to consider using the “sensitive skin” products that are now available for babies. I like the sensitive skin diaper wipes and I use them on my toddler and baby.

Wash your child’s clothes using detergent specifically designed for babies and wash her clothes in a separate load from other family members. 

 If your child continues to have diaper rashes frequently, consider changing the brand of diapers you use.  I’ve found that my children got rashes frequently when using certain brands of diapers and that switching brands often cleared up the rash. 

If you use cloth diapers and have problems with diaper rash, you may want to try using disposable diapers to see if it helps. I found that my kids develop many more rashes with cloth diapers.  The pediatrician told me that some kids can react to chemicals used in the cleaning process; other children get rashes because the cloth diapers and plastic pants tend to keep the moisture close to the skin.  If you wish to continue using cloth diapers, you may have to change your child’s diapers very frequently to help prevent rashes.

Some children can have reactions to diaper rash ointment or other products, like moisturizers.  If your child has a reaction to ointments, try using petroleum jelly.  It is inexpensive, it works, and reactions to the product are rare.

Watch Your Child’s Diet

If your child eats a lot of things that are acidic, they can also develop a rash in their diaper area.  See if their are any patterns between what your child eats and drinks and the development of rashes.

Check With The Pediatrician

If none of the above works to prevent rashes, talk with your child’s pediatrician.  They should be able to give you more in depth advice specific to your child’s individual situation.


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