Tips For A Happy Halloween With Your Kids

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When I was younger, I never associated Halloween with the start of the holiday season.  Now that I am a parent, the holiday season officially starts in October with the first holiday of Halloween.  Even if your family doesn’t actively participate in this holiday, you may have a harvest party, or you may be organizing a hayride or baking for your child’s school class party.

Of course, all of this preparation requires planning.  Now that you’ve completed the back to school preparations, you should have some time to start planning for Halloween.  Well, at least it seems that you should have the time.

Start Early

If your children are dressing up for the holiday, ask them if they have any costume ideas.  If you need to create a homemade costume, now is the time to start planning.  If you intend on purchasing a costume, it’s best to do so early for the best selection.  In our area, if you wait until mid-October to start shopping for costumes and supplies, you’ll find that your options are very limited.

Stay On Budget

I am amazed at how expensive Halloween can be!  If you have several children, you can invest a size-able chunk of income in the whole holiday.  Of course, in addition to costumes, you need to hand out candy to visitors.  This can really create a huge drain on your budget.

I have heard of people who actually spend around $100 on one costume for Halloween.  That is simply not in my budget!  Each Halloween we establish a budget and tell the kids how much they are able to spend on their costume. 

Make It Short And Sweet

When you go shopping for Halloween supplies, make sure you know what you want and buy only things that you need.  Especially with children, it’s easy to get totally caught up in the holiday and to buy a lot more than you need.

Frugal Is Fun

Many times, you can find costumes as thrift stores or second hand shops.  Costumes are sold quickly, so shop now if you want to purchase a costume from these places.

Ebay is also a great place to buy and sell costumes.  I purchased a gently used costume for my son there last year and I paid less than half the price of what I’d have paid for the same costume in a store.

I know of parents who purchase costumes for their children after Halloween for the following year.  This is a great way to save money on costumes, although the selection may not be the best.

Do you have any tips to share with other parents?  Please post!


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