How Do I Get My Boyfriend Back For Good?

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Relationships hit obstacles that are unavoidable, but do not let that obstacle become the end for you and your boyfriend. If you are asking “how do I get my boyfriend back”, here are a few things you can do to get your guy back and keep him there.

First you need to examine carefully what mistakes were made the first time around. Often, relationships can falter because men and women do not understand how to communicate with each other effectively. Just come right out and spell it out for him, because sometimes they really do not understand why you are upset or what you desire from them at the moment. Refrain from being upset with him for reasons for which he is completely in the dark.

Learn to fight fair and with purpose. Deal with only the issue at hand. Do not bring up what happened last week or last year. Listen as well as present your side of things and allow that each party holds some part of the fault and some part of the solution. Avoid phrases like “you always” or “you never”. These types of phrases build walls and hinder solution-oriented discussions. An argument should always end with a plan to prevent that particular argument from ever needing to be repeated.

Attempt to understand and respect each others needs. Most women need to talk things trough while men may process information less verbally. Just because he is not discussing the subject day and night does not mean that it is not on his mind at all.

Work on seeking balance and respect in your relationship. Relationships can sometimes fall into a dysfunctional see-saw of control. One person bends to the other’s every whim for a while until the distribution of power for some reason changes hands. The other takes over the dominate position.

Relationships that are built on mutual respect and understanding will become strong enough to withstand any bump along the way.

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