Distance healing — Cleansing Lots Of Emotional Garbage.

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Distance healing is a divine healing process of energetic transfer. Focused through your thoughts, your intentions, to create a connection of energy flow, it uses the power of chi, or life force. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation is assisted. A powerful kind off distance healing can be learned right here: reiki attunement

Distance healing is a way of sending energy, not limited to reiki, to a person who is not actually physically present. They might be next door, or in a different city, or country. Since time and space is an illusion, simply through our intention we are able to connect with each other energetically in the same space, distance has no meaning.

If both parties are intending to connect it will work all the time. The important thing for the receiver is to want it to happen. Inner readiness is important.

Oh man, personally, I have had some very interesting experiences with distance healing, and attunements, and other strange energies. My reactions have ranged from feeling sick, and having a bad head ache to feeling giddy and powerless, and silly.

Once I could not stop laughing, another time after Karuna reiki, my legs felt like spaghetti. Another time I cleansed so much emotional garbage that I thought I should see a doctor. Once a lump on my back disappeared after my wife gave me the healing touch of her WhiteLight hands. Through a session of the WhiteLight Self-Empowerment I met my higher self; during Rasheeba hands touched my leg when no one was there to touch them.

Through distance healing, I have seen strange colorful Mandela patterns. Through attunements, I have experienced grids that have energized me to the point of overload. I had to come out of it quick. A powerful kind off distance healing can be learned right here: distance healing

I have even been creatively inspired to write a book called Creator through channeled energy, and healed of gout through a past life regression. I experienced my death in past lives in many different forms, terrifying and beautiful experiences. These experiences are just off the top of my head, but there have been many more. Some weeks I experience anomalies almost everyday.

The only truth I can see is that life is an incredible, unexplainable, beautiful mystery, and through distance healing and attunements, and so many other awesome energies, I am enjoying life very much!

No matter what, I am always changed for the ultimate good. My blockages get unblocked, or I am attuned into a higher frequency, or enlightened in one way or the other.
It all started with distance healing, and reiki, but where this inexplicable spiritual journey ends is any ones guess. Learn a great kind off distance healing here: spiritual healing


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