How To Approach Girls and Make Them Crave You

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Getting a girl to be crazy about you takes a specific approach and most guys mess this up totally. If you would like to get the hottest chicks you must approach from a cocky yetself-assured position.

To learn how to approach girls and get them chasing you, your going to have to put away that Mr. nice guy in you . Girls don’t get turned on for dudes that are too sweet to them. They don’t get hot for dudes that act like their friend either. These are the dudes that get the phone call when the real dude they like blows them off and the guy friend gets to dry up the tears. Do not put yourself in that position in the first place.

Guys here is how its done. You must approach confidently like you EXPECT things to go well. Think James Bond here he always gets the chick because he expects to and he brings them into his reality versus dwelling in theirs. Be bold but not rude be self-assured and open a conversation so you can move this situation forward.

Always make fun of her in a sarcastic way. Bust on her a little bit. This will set you apart from nearly all of the other dudes because they don’t do this. They are too scared to offend her so ruffle her feathers in a playful way (like James Bond does) and don’t back down if she gets uncomfortable. Just smirk and say “I’m only playing…relax you will live I’m only gonna do this to you the rest of the night!”

The most imperative thing when learning how to approach girls is to be sure you let her know your not her puppy dog and that you are comfortable in your own skin with or without her and that you have high social value too. Don’t be scared to act disinterested at times just to let her know that your not all ga ga over her but yet pay close attention to her at other times like she is the only one in the room. This is called Push Pull and it makes women crazy.

Establish control also. Once rapport is built test her and grab her by the hand and do a venue switch or just move to another part of the room. If she goes with you without a challenge then its a pretty good sign that you are doing things right. Get her used to following your lead with small tests like this.

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