The Secret Exposed to How to Pick Up Woman While She is Not Alone

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Drop dead gorgeous women never are by themselves and most articles don’t address this situation of how to pick up woman while she is with herassociates . Since the majority of the time that’s how you see her, with her associates, I’m going to give you some insight on how to achieve this right here right now.

Drop dead gorgeous women hold a very superior social status. Its rare that you discover them by themselves, their either with their “guy” associates or sister, co-workers, brother you name it. You will very rarely discover them by themselves. They travel in groups and if you do discover her without someone rest assure she is waiting on someone.

This is what you call OBSTACLES and you must learn how to overcome them if you going to land the 10’s. Say it with me…”I must learn to do this…PERIOD!” Now relax its not that serious and can be alot of fun and once you learn this you will in no way forget and your associates will envy you for knowing how to pick up woman.

Here is how you perform this:

Lets say your out and you discover the girl you like with her associates. What your going to do is go over and chat with her friend or friends and completely act disinterested in the girl you really want. You must disarm and win over the obstacle or obstacles 1st before you go after the real target. If this is performed right the obstacles will now turn into your biggest cheerleaders in the following step.

Once you have built a good report with the obstacle or obstacles then you just smoothly say “Hey do you mind if I borrow your friend for a minute because I feel like I have been neglecting her.” That’s when you take her off to the side and work your magic from their.

This is an non-direct approach on how to pick up woman and works well since your less nervous as your initial approach is to someone that your not really interested in anyway. Get out there and work this and you can thank me later. Lets go!

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