Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages At A College In Britain

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Becoming a teacher is a worthwhile career which can have a positive impact on every pupil you come across. In the UK there are many ways that you can teach; at a public school, a state school, as a tutor, in higher education or at another learning institution. History, English and Science are popular subjects for new teachers in the past few years with many places being oversubscribed and newly qualified teachers having no job when they finish their degree. Teachers who decide that teaching English to speakers of other languages is what they want to do will not have this problem as there are thousands of people looking to learn English as a second language in the UK.

The qualifications needed to be a TESOL teacher in Britain are varied depending on what type of school you will be teaching at. It is becoming increasingly rare for newly qualified TESOL teachers to get a job if they do not have a degree to accompany their TESOL certificate. If you are looking to teach in state schools within the UK then you will also need to have completed a PGCE.

The tasks and roles that you will have to fulfil whilst working as a TESOL teacher include your general classroom teaching, classroom management, lesson planning and preparation, preparing and setting examinations, giving feedback on oral and written work and basic administration such as registration and attendance records. You might also be involved in class trips, school events and detention monitoring if you work at a larger school.

TESOL teaching does not just take place in schools however. Students from foreign countries have to reach a certain level of English speaking competence before they can attend a UK university and businesses also employ TESOL teachers. This work is usually takes place in a commercial language which can be found in most major cities across England and Wales.

Most commercial jobs are taken on a seasonal or temporary contract whereas schools will offer longer-term position. If you want to work abroad teaching English, you should look into TEFL teaching, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


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