How to Get Your Little Princess To Bed – On Time, Every Night

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Often times, at the end of a very long day, getting your child off to bed can seem like an uphill challenge that might be destined to irritate you to no end when you’re already completely tired out from running around all day. When kids are small, each and every day seems like an amazing adventure with such a variety of new things to see and explore. Quite often, she won’t have any interest in going to bed, as she’ll be just too excited about what she’s doing at the moment or the thought of more exciting things around the corner.

Our motherly instincts should help us to understand that we need to create incentives to encourage her to really look forward to bedtime, just as she’s looking forward to playing with her favorite dolls and her other fun baby accessories. You want to find a way of making her feel excited about going to bed – it’ll make your job quite a bit easier when it’s nearing the end of a long day.

One of the first things we should do is establish a routine, which can be easily repeated. Even though young minds are searching for stimulation, education and growth, they still also really need the stability of a good routine, and if you can find a way of making it really enjoyable, then you can accomplish two goals simultaneously.

Try and incorporate the chores that need to be completed before she lays down, into your plan. For instance, she might need to use the bathroom, have a bath, brush her teeth, say her prayers and then go to bed. Give her the opportunity to put her own spin on this routine, and she’ll “buy into it” more quickly.

Often one of the best ways to make the bed seem more attractive is to make it look appealing. You should be able to identify some of her favorites by now – for example, she could have a favorite character from one of the books that she’s been reading, or a movie, cartoon or TV character she relates to. Why not create a theme in the bedroom, as you can get complete nursery bedding and accessory set themes based on almost every imaginable character.

Whilst you’re thinking about themes, why not make the PJs more theme oriented. Many little girls dream about being a princess and you can set up the room and her bed to project visions of an enchanted castle, to entice her into dreamland.

If you put a little thought and imagination into it and think way back to when you were a girl of her age, you should be able to make bedtime something that she really looks forward to as opposed to fighting against. Creating a special theme with appropriate nursery decoration could be fun for you as well as for her! Add some little games or other routines just prior to lights out and you should both be in for a restful night.

Bethany Bien loves being a mom; decorating nurseries and offering other moms advice and ideas on baby nursery decoration. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, it’s worth while to make it as safe, cozy and well decorated as possible. You can view her entire selection of fun stuff for your baby today!


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