Domestic Violence Facts

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It is no secret that domestic violence is prevalent in every corner of the earth today. Due to the nature of reported cases, many people are under the impression that domestic violence is the act of a man inflicting physical or mental torture on a woman. But the sad truth is this is not the entire picture of it. Domestic violence in context refers to not only spousal abuse but child abuse, intimate partner violence and abusive behavior in family, friends and cohabitation. Domestic violence may be inflicted on women by men and even vice versa. The issue of domestic violence against men only gained significance in the late 1970 s whilst even today most people are unaware of this situation.

Statistics taken from the American Establish of Domestic Violence still, show that 85-95 percent of all domestic violence victims are female whilst 5.3 million women are abused each year. Interestingly enough when studying the approximate figure of workplace wildness that take place in the US every year, 18 700 are practiced by an intimate partner from 1.7 million incidents and homicide is the running cause of death for women in workplaces.

There are numerous means that can define domestic violence. It is an act in which victims undergo physical, sexual or emotional abuse. The person who takes the upper hand usually portrays dominating qualities and intimidates the victims. They also tend to neglect their victims and deprive them of financial welfare. Alcoholism, substance abuse and various mental illnesses are the primary causes to domestic violence.

Trapped in a snare of deceit, many victims believe that they are the cause of the abuse. They also feel entitled to stay in the relationship because they are foolishly under the impression that the offender can change . Abusive people require severe therapy and counseling in order to get to the bottom of their actions. The sad truth is that even though many strive to run away from domestic violence it isn t always a plausible solution. Fatal situations are often caused by domestic violence. Although law and protection have clauses and policies against domestic violence and unfortunate number of mass civilians break the law.

If you ever get caught up in domestic violence program, it is important that you do not lose hope. If you decide to give another chance to the abuser, you should also have a plan B in which you plan quick escape strategies. It is also important to closely observe the abuser and take necessary precautions because prevention is always better than cure.


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