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mma videos often play the role of didactic materials. For mixed martial arts fans who don’t have the possibility of full contact training, MMA videos become the teachers or the coaches they need. Although the learning process remains at a lower quality level, it is not fair to deny efficiency premises to such materials. The ground game, the stand up game, the striking tactics, the defense can be differently addressed by separate MMA videos. Training with amateurish materials could prove a bad choice, try to choose the programs that are especially designed for teaching purposes. It is definitely not a good idea to learn from MMA videos that you watch on web sites like YouTube.

There are huge MMA video collections available online, and they can be accessed for free by any visitor who registers or logs in. After the rejection of mixed martial arts as a real sports and the sharp criticism for extreme barbaric violence, rules started to be implemented to the this sport a more socially acceptable form and image. The violence still remains the main ingredient of all MMA videos, but at least people are no longer exposed to fight-to-death matches the way it happened with the first mixed martial arts experience. Besides the videos with a didactic content, all the rest present matches, demonstrations and competitions.

Digital technology is preferred over posters: it’s much more fun to film a match with a private camera than to take snapshots. This is the explanation for the huge number of amateurish MMA videos that have been uploaded online. You go to a match, you film the cage fight and when you get home you download one more video on the Internet; the world wide web allows this freedom whether it is for the best or worst. We should also touch upon the inspirational function of some MMA videos.

It is common knowledge by now that when you show some mma fighting videos to mixed martial arts fighters before a training session their motivational level will increase significantly. They will fight better, focus on techniques, pay attention to the coach’s tips and make fewer mistakes. Higher technical efficiency, this is what MMA videos can achieve for a fighter’s skills. And here we do not refer to unleashing the ‘beast’ or stimulating the violent instinct in man, but rather about the psychological impact that a peer demonstration has on the fighter’s ability in combat.


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