How To Find A Great Wedding Photographer

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Here is an insider’s guide to picking a wedding photographer in Southampton that helps people choose the best photographer for their special day!. It has suggestions from professional wedding photographers who have an idea of how to create great photos.It goes step by step through the process from selecting potential candidates to selecting your photographer who will work with you.Along the way, you’ll find some ideas that will help you find the best photographer possible.

According to wedding photographer Brian Trudeau, the first step is to locate photographers that work primarily at weddings. In Trudeau’s Associated Content article, he suggests that your best resources are wedding websites (like and married friends or families who have had fantastic wedding photographs taken…

Once you have your list of choices, do a little research to whittle the list down to 1-2 finalists.” To help your research, go smoothly, Trudeau also thinks that you should look at samples of the photographers’ work.When you view the photographer’s work, compare how each photographer uses lighting, shadows and different photographic styles to see if you like his “style.” After viewing 3-4 samples, you can decide on your “finalists” by comparing your sense of style with the photographer’s.

–Make sure you are comfortable being around the photographer who works with you. Be sure you can tolerate being around him closely for a long time.

— It’s also important that you hire a photographer who will work throughout the entire wedding. Too many photographers stay on for only a certain timeframe. Too often, this isn’t long enough to cover the whole wedding. Therefore make sure you find someone who is able to be there the entire time.

— In addition, try to pick competency and ability over work experience. New photographers offer great services at lower costs because they want to establish a good reputation. As a result, why not consider hiring a “newbie” photographer?

After considering these and other things, make your final choice and enjoy your wedding!


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