Keeping Your Home Cool

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In summer, does it happen to you that you have to go to your icebox several times every day? Is the temperature in your home so unpleasantly high that the only place you wish to be is Iceland? Millions of homeowners in Toronto and elsewhere are impacted by this scenario every summer. We are bringing you some advice on how to get ready for the next hot summer.

Air-conditioning: the most accessible option

If you want to try to decrease the temperature inside your house, there are several ways how to achieve that. The common air-conditioner is probably the most effective, but also the most expensive option. If you think this is the way to go for you, we can give you some useful tips to make sure you get the best value possible from your AC unit. Firstly, make sure you have the correct size unit for your home or flat. A 5,000 btu AC should be enough to cool a common two-bedroom family home. Ideally, the unit should be placed in a window on the wall that faces north, if that is possible. This will ensure optimum conditions for the unit which will allow it to operate more efficiently. There is a risk of house dust building up in the internal filters which would have negative impact on the operation of the unit, so make sure you clean the filters at least once a month. If you plan on leaving your home for more than one hour, then it is more economical to switch your AC off and to re-cool the rooms when you return.

Environmentally-friendly solutions

How to solve the heat problem if you don’t want to use these power-hungry appliances because of environmental reasons? Well, there are more options to decrease the internal temperature without adding to global warming by excessive and pointless use of CO2 producing fossil fuels. So, let’s begin at the top of your home and work our way downwards.


As you might already know, the amount of heat transferred depends on the sort of material it goes through. For roofing materials, such as tiles or shingles, this is especially true. If you want to save on air-conditioning, think about applying a good-quality insulation to your attic space. A 12-inch layer instead of a 3-inch might decrease the cooling costs by as much as 10 percent.

The Keeping your Toronto home cool article will bring you even more tips and tricks on this topic.


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