Why Do Women Stay In Violent Relationships

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violent relationships aren’t always easy to detect. When in a relationship, the couple may appear great together, yet what goes on behind closed doors is another story. Whether the person you are having a relationship with will turn violent is not something that is easy to find out. There are a few indications and warning signs that you should always keep you eyes open for, and if you feel there is a chance you may be getting into a violent relationship then take the advice of a trusted friend or family member and work on moving away from such a relationship.

A partner being very possessive or jealous is one of the most frequent signs of a possible violent relationship. This should not be mistaken for love. The most vital things in a relationship are trust and shared respect. Constantly calling and checking up on you, not wanting you having any close companions or trusting in anyone, going through your email or text messages and discouraging you from spending time with your family are all warning signs of what might lead to a violent relationship.

If your partner tries to belittle you it could be a sing of a violent relationship. Physical abuse is easy to recognize but emotional abuse is much more complicated and tends to leave a much deeper scar. If your partner constantly criticizes you or puts you down, makes jokes which you feel humiliate you or keeps calling you hurtful names, it is important to set back and put a stop to it or get out of the relationship for there is a good chance it could turn violent.

After a violent incident it is possible for the person feel sorry and to ask for forgiveness and swear that it will never happen again. Often the relationship gets more violent as time goes by however honest the person may seem in their apology. Therefore if your partner is violent once, chances are he/she will get violent again and it will get worse with time.

Sure signs of a why do women stay in violent relationships are your partner threatening to hurt you, or loved ones or to destroy your possessions. Scaring you or intimidating you are signs that are very crucial for you to take notice of and get out of the relationship before things aggravates and it becomes more violent. Also if your partner tends to blame other people as triggers for his/her reactions violent outbursts or manhandles you in a way that scares you, then it is a clear sign of a violent relationship.

If you can identify with any of these signs then it is important that you talk to a trusted family member, friend or even a counselor. Breaking away from a violent relationship will be easier if you get the help you need from all kinds of people and it will also lessen the chance of you going back to such a relationship.


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