College Life Dorm

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If you are preparing for your first year in college life dorm, it is very likely that you will have plenty of questions and concerns before you head off. New experiences shared by many individuals in the same age group would be refreshing.

Pros and Cons are both there in a life where you will have to manage everything by yourself.There will be a few day to day responsibilities which will add up your plate such as washing, laundry and some other homework. With this it has become so common over the year for students who travel for their studies to become homesick.One trick to get over homesickness is to make regular short conversations with someone back home, so then it will make you feel like you aren’t away.

The key thing to learn during college life dorm is that patience is a virtue. Adjusting to college life in a residence hall will take some effort and kindness. A great way to meet new people from your building and on your floor is by participating in hall programs. By adjusting to college life dorm, you will learn how to live and confront challenges on a daily basis but with kindness it will take you a long way. You are certainly not alone in this experience but if there are concerns your resident assistant can be of help. Homesickness and boredom will disappear once you start getting involved in college activities.

Knowing what to bring with you is a part of the excitement in college life dorm. Make yourself a checklist during dorm orientation or you can always ask one of the dorm residents. You will not only need the few essentials provided by the university itself, but also some other important aspects which you will have to obtain by yourself. Once you have figured out your checklist, discuss it over with your roommate so both don’t end up bringing two of the same thing. Get to know each other before moving in, as it will make the transition smoother for the both of you.

It will be a different phase and different environment in life in a college dorm to what you have experienced so far in the life. There might be ground rules you and your roommate will settle for such as sharing food, borrowing clothes and bringing over visitors. College life dorm is all about patience, compromising and giving, which can make life a lot less stressful when both parties share these qualities.


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