How To Find A Photographer For Your Wedding

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Ask any married couple and they will tell you that their wedding day slipped by too fast, so it is important to find the right wedding photographer to capture your special day. Tips for finding and hiring the right person can be found in bridal magazines and on websites. Talk to your married friends for referrals, or warnings.Check out websites of local photographers. Make note of pricing and packages listed. But maybe you can do more. Who knows better than a professional wedding photographer; here a few tips from Stuart Cooper, a wedding photographer in Southampton to help you preserve the memories of your wedding.

Tip 1.
Visiting a website is crucial, but photographers suggest that you look at these photos with a slightly closer eye. Look at the couples in the pictures. Do they seem similar to you in your fiancé or do they look like models?. If the answer is the latter, the couples could be models hired by the photographer. If they all look like models, chances are that is exactly what you are looking at.

Tip 2.
Each wedding photographer has his or her own distinct style. Once you decide on the style you would like for your wedding photos, compare your vision with the presentation on the wedding photographer’s site. If you have always dreamed of classic black and white photos of you and your groom, you shouldn’t consider a photographer who focuses on bright, bold colors and faces smeared in cake.

Tip 3.
Wedding photographer’s prices differ as much as their style.The first thing to consider is the coverage. Does the photographer just cover the ceremony or is the preparation and reception included?. Decide up front what you want covered and figure the extra hours into the overall price.Second, examine the packages closely to see what you are actually going to receive in the end. How many different albums are available?. Will you reorder additional photos or receive a CD of images?.Take all of this into consideration for the price quoted.

Tip 4.
What would a website be without a blog, and you should definitely take the time to read the postings on a photographer’s site. If there are quite a few postings about recent jobs, that’s a good indication that there are a lot of satisfied customers spreading the word.


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