Tips On Purchasing Hotel Entrance Furnishings

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Choosing furniture for your hotel reception can be a time consuming and expensive process. Not only do you need to be able to find the right sort of furniture – you also need to be able to find the right, reputable supplier.Getting the right support and good quality products from the supplier is essential and can help with the smooth running and success of your business To make it easier, here are some things to think about when choosing your new furniture

Durability – Your hotel reception furniture needs to be able to stand up to heavy use. Some diners will be large, some will lean back in their chairs and some will drag the chairs across the floor, all of which contributes to the daily wear and tear the furniture is subjected to.

Hotel reception furniture needs to be safe for the guests Sharp corners or difficult to use items need to be considered as potential hazards and need to be avoided. materials that look nice may be flammable and will not perform too well in a fire

Materials need to be functional but also need to be in-keeping with the rest of their surroundings. materials need to be durable to withstand the fair wear and tear over time, discard any that can go out of fashion quickly Hotel receptions have the unique problem of frequent spillages so they should also be easy to clean or replace.

Style – it may be cheaper to choose your furniture first and then design the room around it. To attract your customers attention and for them to engage with the atmosphere then the choice of furniture is paramount. décor trends are always changing so unless you want to go down the avenue of having a quirky, cutting edge look, which can be expensive with the frequent changes then stick to a classic look.

You might choose to pay a little extra to get the look you want, but you could look into contract furniture and be surprised at the low cost Dependant on the materials and upholstery you choose going to a wholesaler can be advantageous in respect of the cost saving.

Function – you can save on both cost and space by going for multi-functional furniture. Modular seating and tables for example can be great space-savers – you can change the layout of your hotel reception in just a few minutes. Foldable chairs or fold-out tables will fulfil the same function, perfect for a tight budget as you would only have you buy one piece of furniture to do the work of two

Reputable suppliers of furniture should have some sort of guarantee or warranty This means that if anything goes wrong that isn’t caused by unusual usage your furniture will be repaired or replaced. Suppliers of quality products will generally offer these types of guarantees. If you’re not presented with one beware!


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