Part Time jobs in Leeds

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As we approach the new the start of first term of University, many student living in the big cities will be thinking about finding part time jobs this includes. This includes part time jobs in Leeds, part time jobs in Manchester and part time jobs in Glasgow.

In this present economic climate more people are losing their full time jobs so part time jobs has become much more in demand. Before theses difficult times the only people wanting to acquire part time jobs were mostly artists, actors, mothers and school and University Students.In this article I will guide you through some things you ought to know to get your feet firmly placed in a suitable job.

Remember employers of part time jobs aren’t looking for fancy qualifications so there’s no need to grind them out, on your CV or in your interview.Don‘t go back more than decade of your working past and despite how well you may have done previously don’t go into great detail about it. When talking about your previous experience just split up in simple sections there’s no need to over complicate things.

As you are getting older you need to be particular with the jobs you apply for as even in your late twenties you can be out of the possible applicants.When you first apply for any job it is important to make the best first impressions possible the best way of doing this is to be friendly and confident and be simple and clear about what you can bring to the job in terms of skills and experience.

The easiest way to find job vacancies is to simply go on a search engine and type part time jobs along with the city you live in.

Going from door to door of different places of work asking if any job vacancies can sometimes be the way of acquiring a new part time job.Ask If the manager is there then it is worth asking to meet him to make a great first impression.

Again first impressions are so important so make a lot of effort presenting your self in a professional manner as you will look more reliable and intelligent if you scrub up well.Many part time jobs out there are in retail, hotels and bars and the way potential applicants look is a main priority as they are the ones representing the businesses image.

Don’t worry about having an over complicated resume for most part time jobs they would prefer something more clear and simplistic. The most important thing to do is to make sure you are well groomed and personable.You must make sure you get the grammar and spelling right on your CV as this straight away shows that you are an intelligent and hardworking individual.The way you write your resume and the how you promote yourself is vital as you are trying to convey the sort of person you are and all your good qualities. You will give employers a lot of reassurances by telling them that you will do the basic things correct as this is often all they are looking for in a part time employee.

Employment agencies are another outlet to look in to when wanting a job they often specialise in different industries like blue-collar work or admin work. These agencies can often be found in the yellow pages. Another possibility to look into is advertising your own skills somewhere, whether it is in a newspaper or on the internet. In conclusion all you need to do is show employers that you are willing to work and reliable and that should take you a long way.


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