Essential Energy Healing — There Are Four Degrees To The Highest Frequency!

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Indeed, Essential energy healing is spiritual in nature, and one of the most successful of these carries the name of WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. WhiteLight is a powerful steadfast energy system. Why? Because it is a registered system, this means its essential energy healing frequency is ensured to remain high into the future, and thus this system has spread though out the world. Learn more about the best energy system here:essential energy healing

Indeed the emotional and physical benefits of WhiteLight Self-Empowerment can be vast for those people who are attuned to it, as its vibrational frequency is very high. WhiteLight is much purer than reiki, and uses no symbols. The results can be significant with this sort of essential energy healing.

The founder of WhiteLight, Daniela, says: “White” has the highest energy vibration. It stands for spirituality, healing, clarity, and transcendence. “White” is nearer to the source (God) than all other colors. it is the mirror, and the channel of divine and spiritual qualities.

This powerful system uses a white, crystal-clear, radiant energy orb, not difficult patterns you have to draw. And it works great for distance healing, and spiritual healing.

Chakras are opened through it. WhitLight will help to clear and enlarge, to cure and energize, and connect all the chakras. It does a great job of clearing our entire ethereal body and physical body right down to every cell.

Now working with this essential energy healing on a regular basis will increase your vibration so that you can come into contact with divine channels. This could be your higher-self, your spiritual guides, and other higher information sources too. Learn more about the best energy system here:essential energy healing

If you want to know my experience: when you work with this system you will likely become very clear in your thoughts and feelings. As your intuition will be sharpened this is good for essential energy healing.

Essential energy healing like WhitLight can be learned in a direct seminar without being attuned in any other system.

For distance attunements, it is suggested that the student learn at least the 1st degree in another Reiki system before doing this.

What you will receive is right amount of clarification and energy during the actual attunement. The more and more you work with it, the higher and higher the frequency will become. The stronger the energy will become too.

This system is really not hard to learn! WhiteLight splits up in four degrees:

1st The Clearing
2nd The Healing
3rd The Expansion
4th Master/Teacher

Yes, it is similar to a reiki attunement, but has a different vibrational frequency; it a perfect essential energy healing, that is great for distance healing, and spiritual healing. WhiteLight is really an essential energy healing that is pure. If you want one of the highest frequencies around then look into WhiteLight Self-Empowerment Learn more about the best energy system here:essential energy healing


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