Energy Healing — It Has A Lot To Do With Believing This Energy Healing.

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Energy healing is about believing when it is effective. But I don’t mean believing like in religious dogma, but belief patterns. Our belief patterns pretty much run our lives.

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I began to believe that it was the weather that always gave me headaches. New to me was this belief pattern.

When I first moved into my new house in that area, I did not get one headache. Not long after living there, and listening to the locals always complaining about how the weather gives everyone headaches, well the first headache I got I automatically associated it with the weather of that area, and bingo: a belief pattern was born. So when the weather changed I got a headache after that almost every time.

Energy healing can help you to reprogram your belief patterns if you want it to. When integrated with a belief pattern everything we think creates our realities.

Since energy healing has shown me ways of reprogramming myself, I was able to be healed of the pain of headaches. Energy healing has really a lot to do with the power of your thoughts. The flow of energy through which we are a channel to focus that energy on ourselves and on others is done through thought.

The ancient Taoists said that “Will,” is more important than the chi. When “Will,” is absent, or the power of thought, no energy can be moved. If nothing moves, there can be no vibration or frequency created, and nothing can exist. Everything is energy, energy has to have a frequency in order to exist.

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Basically energy healing works on the energetic level of life. It is everywhere within and without. It connects all of us. It has double effect when concentrating energy healing on others. It helps others, as much as it will help you.

So for the recipient they do not have to believe in order to receive healing energy. The intensity and positive results of the energy healing will be magnified if a positive belief pattern exists between the practitioner and the recipient.

Through their belief patterns and the power of thought, studies have proven that prayer groups have healed unknowing patients at hospitals. The more we combine positive belief patterns, like when a group of people all focus on the same goal, the more intense the energy healing will become.

The collective consciousness creates this effect. If negative belief patterns are used you will get the opposite effect. So really the best kind of energy healing is the kind that will inspire you to positive belief patterns like WhiteLight Self-Empowerment! Get powerful energy healing here:energy healing


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