Distance Healing — Is It Better Than Direct Healing?

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Distance healing is easily practised through systems other than reiki. I will quickly tell you how this reiki thing works. Using his or her hands, reiki is transmitted through a channel, or a specially trained practitioner. The hands are held above the body and the “life force reiki energy” is channeled to them. For distance healing, the person to get the energy is not physically present in the room, but might be half way around the world, thus it must be done differently. Learn more advanced reiki here: reiki training

Distance healing uses the power of thought to transmit the chi energy. This is very powerful regardless of the distance involved. Direct contact, for some people, has had a minor effect then the other.

Actually there is one particular area where reiki energy, and distance healing truly work; which has been scientifically studied and proven in a lab in Calgary Canada. The area I’m talking about is where drugs have no effect when reiki does. It is for some particular cancer patients. Yes, reiki does help these kinds of patients.

Patients have said they feel a sense of warmth during the reiki sessions. In terms of pain that could far better manage it. Nausea and stomach upset are eased: the side effects of the treatments, and they become more relaxed. They tested to make sure this was not just the placebo effect. Ans so it wasn’t. Learn more advanced reiki here: reiki courses

Some benefits of learning distance healing:

  • Help you and others to become more relaxed, more balanced
  • Stepping stone to enlightenment
  • Use to help, and heal the earth by sending the earth energy
  • Increase your awareness

New scientific data apparently supports these claims. The positive effects of reiki and distance healing are now supported by patients testimonials.

Certainly reiki, distance healing, or any other form of energy healing should not replace a regular doctor or treatments, but it can definitely help to ease, and in many cases cure. Distance healing and reiki is mostly used to help comfort the emotional and physical side effects of treatment. Miracles have happened though. Once I had this lump on my back. My wife laid her hands on there, and it vanished in a couple of weeks. She has seriously slowed down the ills of cancer too. The good thing is that these days reiki and distance healing is widely accepted. You can even take classes and sessions in some major hospitals.

Yes, reiki is safe to use. It is important to know reiki does not replace a doctor, so talk to one before having any alternative or complementary treatment.

Yes, reiki is great, but this in my tip: there is more advanced, purer, energy out there like WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. This is a great system for distance healing. Some of my best experiences with energy healing have been through WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. This is where you can find some really advanced reiki here: distance healing


Mark says:

Enjoyed the article and just wanted to add that having worked with Reiki for many years I have reguraly seen amazing physical and emotional healing results. And yes distant healing does work.
Reiki can also help the healing/recovery process for many people, but should compliment rather than replace any medical treatment.

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