Dull Gray Concrete? We Can Make it Shine!

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Concrete or cement is seen every where. It is usually dull and gray, sometime chipped or cracks, it is what we use to make the sidewalks we walk on and the foundations our houses are built on.

Many of the bigger retail stores use their foundation Concrete and make them look like marble or other stone, using color and patterns stamped into the foundation concrete to create a more elegant look. Some keep the concrete gray, but polished to a shine and sealed to keep the porous material shiny and easy to clean. Other high end retail stores will use more intricate design processes to try and fool you into thinking they have marble tile using stamping and color design. That expensive floor your think is marble, well it just may not be. That is the versatility that you have when you use concrete as the base for your floors.

Chipping and stains can be repaired, the cement can be cleaned and polished and if color is wanted that can also be provided by Acid staining before it is sealed. No other flooring has the durability, low maintenance, and versatility as concrete. Before you cover that concrete under the carpet you just pulled up, or the tile that you just removed, or try and paint that garage floor to cover up those stains, lets consider what can be done to create a unique, low maintenance, fire resistant flooring. Another added benefit is that this floor will now be Environmentally safe and Eco friendly as it emits no VOC’s.

If you are considering pouring new concrete application stamping is one of the technique you should consider. Stamping is a method where after the area is poured and settled, a “stamp” will be used to press in the patterned you want for your individual project. Stamping will give a decorative look to the concrete. This technique is used quite often for newly poured driveways, where a cobblestone, brick or other type pattern can be pressed into the concrete for your own personal design. After the concrete is set, usually one to 2 days, we can then come back in and start the color process. There are many colors that can be prepared for your preference. We do Acid staining which is a color process that doesn’t use any actual “acids” nor is it paint or a coating agent. This color process involves a chemical reaction on the cement. Using a solution made with inorganic salts that react with the minerals already present in the concrete, which the result is color to this reaction. Acid stain is the easiest way to bring out that uniqueness you want for your concrete surface. After color iscomplete, the polishing and sealing then can be done.

We at Colonial Floor Care are the Premiere Terrazzo, Marble, Granite and Concrete specialist in the South Florida area. With over 20 years of outstanding service and customer satisfaction, give us a call at 305-721-2242 for a free estimate and we will explain how Colonial Floor Care can transform your dull, gray concrete into a finely polished and color durable flooring.


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