Returning Back Into Emplyment At An Older Age

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in general, we have an older population than at any other time in history, and we are struggling to find enough money to pay for pensions, so people are having to work for longer years. However, many employers do not like employing older staff. Many also have difficulty finding a new job if they have an unbroken track record and are simply looking for a change in career after the age of 40.

There are a number of steps you can take to maximise your chances of getting a job, despite negative views regarding age on the part of some employers.

Make sure to tailor your new CV to the job you are applying for. If the job specification asks for certain skills, think about all the things you have done in your personal and professional life which apply. The fact that you are older means that you have valuable experience in many areas. Today’s workplace demands skills like communication and time management, these are skills which you are sure to have picked up if you have looked after children, so don’t panic that you have no professional attributes.

You do not have to put personal details like age, marital status and parenthood on your CV, it is not a legal requirement. If you feel that this might be an advantage, you should put it at the end of the CV although I would advise leaving it out altogether.

It is unlikely that you will only be happy in one specific industry or job role. Ask yourself what gives you job satisfaction and all the skills you want to show or learn in your job. It may turn out that you will only be really happy if you do more than one job. You might, for example, work as a freelance in your existing career for two or three days a week and set up a small business doing something completely different during the rest of the week. You could teach or run workshops in one of the skills you have developed. This doesn’t have to be work-related, it could be a hobby you’ve been interested in for years, it could be an aspect of parenting or coping with a health issue. Look at everything you’ve done in your life so far and you’ll find that there are several areas in which you are an expert.

If you are prepared to look beyond the conventional 9-5 job, you will find that there are many opportunities open to you, regardless of your age.


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