Effective Steps on How to Reduce Stress

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Everyday we face stress in our life. Be it in our family or work. And this stress always does the same physical, mental and emotional exhaustion to our body. But how do we combat stressful events in our life? Let us learn the 5 easy steps we can apply to solve this problem.

1. Keep a journal. As you go to bed at night, jot down all the positive things that have happened in your life. Count your blessings not your frustrations. Jot this down on your notes reminding you of all the positive things that have happened in your life. You may also write on your journal some names of people you would wish to thank for their help. This ritual is quite effective as they help you to remain control and maintain a calm environment before you go to bed. By doing such, you will definitely have a restful and undisturbed sleep.

2. Go out and exercise. Studies have shown that exercise is a great factor in reducing stress in our body. It relieves stress by releasing feel-good brain chemicals that reduces immune system chemical that worsens depression. This reduction in chemicals increase the body temperature thereby helping build and gain self-confidence and throwing away all worries and fears that are running inside your mind. Making exercise a habit is really helpful when reducing stress.

3. Be with positive people. Often times when we are burn out, we lock ourselves inside the four corners of our room which is not a good practice at all. This will only lead you to keep thinking about something that might have caused the problem over and over again. Go out and join your friends. But be sure to call those ones whom you know are supportive of your needs. Be with people who give high regards to your value and existence. Be with people whom you know that will listen to you eagerly and can give you positive key points on how to deal with such problem. And when you do, ponder on the things they have taught on you.

4. Learn some meditation techniques. Yoga has been one of the most used meditation techniques to reduce stress. Most yoga followers’ report reduction in stress whenever they do such activity. Learn some meditation techniques to combat stress. 5 minutes is not bad enough to meditate. Meditation will erase all harmful thoughts in your mind and will help you to focus on what is really happening and eventually find solutions to your problem as it allows you to pay undivided attention to the present moment. Take time to meditate and you will surely reap what you sow

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