General Review Of Internet MLM And Network Marketing

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Before instant communication came along, the advertising model was slow and painful. First, you had to write the advertisement, then call and place it in the newspaper and wait a few days to see it finally appear in the classified section buried amid hundreds, if not thousands, of ads that look and say exactly the same. Then, if you were lucky, someone may stumble across it and call about the offer.

You had no control over who, if anyone, saw the ad, and the large majority of those who did see the ad likely had no interest in the proposal in the first place.

The Internet has completely changed the advertising industry. With search engines and advertising programs like the ones Google offers, every ad you place will, at the very least, appear on the screen of someone who has some interest in what you are selling. Also, instead of having a handful of local media outlets, the Internet has exponentially added viable outlets while also bringing down prices for advertisers.

The advertising Industry is just one which has been dramatically altered by the Internet. Sales, commerce, publishing, and media are just some of the fields that have been irreversibly changed.

What is Internet MLM and network marketing in general?

Depending on whom you ask, you are likely to get a variety of answers. Some people will tell you it is a scam, likening it to pyramid or Ponzi schemes. Others will tell you it Is pure selling – face to face, old-school direct selling straight to the people. Still others will tell you that its sales model is merely franchising, little different than what McDonald’s and Starbucks do. Who is right? It could be that everyone is. Every business is different, and whether a business is legitimate or not depends on management.

Is it a scam? As with any Industry there are, of course, those who attempt to ‘game’ the system and indulge in unethical business practices. But network marketing is a system, pure and simple. In a later chapter we will dig deeper into some of the unethical business practices that have occasionally given the system a bad name.

MLM/network marketing is less interesting and certainly less exciting than what many people say. It is merely a system used to move goods and services, similar to a franchise. In fact, network marketing can be thought of as a mini-franchise, where members pay a small fee to get started, learn the business, get training and materials, and then start their own mini-franchise that they are free to run as they see fit, within the context of the greater company’s guidelines, rules, and regulations.

Internet MLM is often called the business of future since the Internet will only develop and the number of Internet users will only increase.

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