Choosing A Digital Baby Monitor

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If you’re looking at baby monitoring systems, then you’ll likely come across names like Graco, Fisher Price and Safety 1st. While these are all good choices, the Philips baby monitor is consistently ranked in the “Top 10 Best Baby Monitors” for obvious reasons. This model comes with a plethora of features and superb clarity, which makes it worth a look.

One of the problems with some of the low-end monitors, like the Fisher-Price baby monitor, for instance, is interference. These monitors can pick up everything from cars and police sirens to cordless phone conversations and radio broadcasts. If that’s not bad enough, the static that comes through can make it really hard to discern your baby’s voice out of the chaos. Additionally, neighbors with the same baby monitor brand may even be able to hear your baby too! The Philips monitor is known as the first DECT baby monitor (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), which ensures crystal-clear quality. There are over 60 secure channels that the monitor can tap into, unlike more primitive systems that just have one or two. Like other digital baby monitors (compared to analog), the Philips baby monitors have secure, encrypted connections so no one else can listen in.

The Philips baby monitor comes with a small, lightweight, portable parent unit that lets you roam freely up to 900 feet. You can carry it around with you on a belt clip or neck cord for 8 hours or more before needing a charge. The stylish travel pouch packs up the baby monitor system easily for road trips too. This system is ideal for babies who sleep in the same room and for parents who won’t need to rely on constant battery power. Some models come in a powder blue/silver color, while others come in egg yolk/white.

The Philips baby monitor retails for $199.99 at Toys R Us, but online shoppers can find considerable deals. At, this same brand new unit can be found for $144.95, and at, the cost is only $100.91 (and yes, it’s brand new as well)! For a system that comes without a video infant monitor $200 is admittedly a bit pricey, but by browsing online, consumers can definitely find the best deals if they want a high-tech baby security system to help them nanny a bit.

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Baby says:

Parents love the portability of the Graco Baby Monitors. The handle allows them to carry this from one room to another.

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