Thinking Of A Career As A Home Stager?

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If you have heard about a professional home staging career, you may think – wow, that’s interesting! You don’t have to spend years at the university, you can become your own boss with free time management, the market potential is great (there have been almost 10,000 sold houses and condos in Toronto just in July) and your salary doesn’t have to be limited at all. Everything sounds so great, doesn’t it? The administrative part of becoming a stager is not very difficult. You just have to get a certificate from a staging course so that you have something to present yourself to your clients. You can usually use some of the furniture rental services, so you just need a small capital for the start-up. And then the most crucial thing is your real skills. But before you start, it’s crucial that you know what home staging is and what it is not.

Home staging is NOT home decoration, it’s quite the contrary! While decorating, you imprint your client’s personality into his home to suit him the best. On the other hand, home staging means removing the client’s personality from the home. You don’t know who the prospective buyer would be – young professional? A couple of elderly people? Philosophy student? The point is that you emphasize the opportunities the place offers, but still leave some space for the buyer’s own imagination.

A good visual imagination, creativity, but also the empathy towards all sorts of customers – those are the “must have’s” of a good home staging professional. Dozens pieces of furniture, art and decoration will have to be arranged to create one harmonic unit. What you in any case should have is the proper eye for detail – it will be up to you to decide if when you put together a candle, a bowl of fruits or a book with a pair of glasses, the specific atmosphere of the place would emphasized or destroyed. You have to catch the pros and cons of each property, which call for stressing or downplaying.

First you will need to get some experience. Why don’t you try to work with your own home first, then maybe your parents’ house or your son’s condo? Always ask someone for his/her opinion when you are finished. And then, as soon as you gain some confidence, go to the real business! Leave a few business cards with the local real estate agents, buy some newspaper adverts and check for furniture rental stores around. In the following days, weeks and months, you will have to work very hard. But if you will be able to resist and will constantly deliver great quality with each place you stage, soon you will get some referrals, which will help you to breathe more freely. If you endure some time, home staging business will for sure reward your ideas and determination.


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