Free Weight Training Log

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A weight training log is the only way to tell whether you are making any progress with your gym work or not. When progress is not visible, you thus have the chance to look over the entire workout routine and identify the mistakes. Training too much or too little, these are common mistakes. As for the organization of the weight training log, there are several possibilities: the traditional form is to have columns for all every set and workout so that you may know the sets you perform, their date and the resistance. The direct mention of the weight increases could be another essential weigh of organizing the weight training log.

Let’s take a practical examples and see what things should be like. For example, if on your last training you worked on the bench presses doing 205 pounds in eight sets, on your new training session, the bench presses should hit 205 pounds but in nine reps this time. If you’d stick to the same number of reps and weight, there would be no growth in the resistance, strength and muscle mass, and you’d only reach the much dreaded plateau. Such a weight training log is not difficult to get, just search on the Internet or customize a workout sheet as you see fit and then print it.

The weight training log should include a special column in which you can record your weight before every workout. Even if some athletes tend to believe that weight is not relevant for gym training results, you may find it helpful to learn how much lean mass you have put on. Don’t forget to include a cardio section in the weight training log too. The workouts can be kept track of in relation with the cardio performance. Keep in mind that the intensity of the exercises drops if you perform the cardio routine before the training.

Such a section in the weight training log book can help one better keep track of the evolution. Did you know that mood for instance affects your training? Find out when you feel in the right spirits to train by including a mood section in the weight training log. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to make a pertinent observation from one week to another, unless you have this weight training log to check. If you see that at 5 pm on Mondays, you feel energized and this is a common occurrence, that means you’ve found a perfect time to train and you should stick to the program.


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