What to Watch for in Purchasing a High Chair for Baby

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As a new or veteran parent there are lots of choices when looking to buy baby high chairs. Depending on your price point, high chairs can be purchased for under $100 to over $300.

Let’s look at some of the things to look at when purchasing a high chair.


Most high chairs come with a very safe and secure five point safety harness; although few high chairs still have a three point harness. The other thing to look for is a T bar to avoid baby from falling out of the chair when the tray is not attached. Also make sure that the high chair has the (JPMA) Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association logo ensuring that it has been tested and meets the required safety standards.


It is important to look for a high chair that is very steady and can not be tipped over. Look for a high chair that has locking wheels as older children will try to climb the high chair to get in and out.

Recline and Height Adjustments

Many high chairs can be used from around 6 months of age until after thirty six months. During that time it is imperative to find a high chair that will allow you to have multiple adjustments for height as your child grows older and taller. Multiple height adjustments can be found on the best selling Fisher Price Healthy Care high chair and other quality high chairs. Recline options are also imperative as many parents will use the flattest recline to feed baby a bottle when in the high chair. Again look for a high chair that best suits your needs.


Many high chairs are made of plastic and metal exclusively. However few are made of wood like the stokke high chair which ensures that your baby maintains the correct posture position while in this transitional chair. The trip trapp is a beautifully designed high chair, and although unconventional is a favorite of parents because of its simplicity and design.

There are many brands of high chairs on the market. Depending on your and your child’s needs look first to safety and then choose based on what functionality you need.


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