The Concrete Saw

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If you are looking to purchase a concrete saw, then the main factor in choosing one is the job for which it will be used. First, are you a part time, do-it-yourself type of worker who is looking to use the saw around the home? Or are you a contractor who needs a heavy duty saw that can handle larger jobs? While all concrete saws are made to cut through items such as bricks, tile and of course concrete, they do differ in sizes and styles available. Using any type of saw should be done carefully and only after gaining various application information, especially if you are using one for the first time.

A walk behind concrete saw may look similar to a garden tiller. The individual using this power saw walks behind the self propelled piece of equipment, holding the handles of the machine and guiding it across the concrete. These power saws are most often used to cut concrete slabs, as well as for road construction applications. The depth that these machines can cut will depend on the saws blades. Many different types of walk behind concrete saws offer the ability to use several different blades of varying widths. This of course allows for more versatility, allowing the machine to be used for many different purposes.

Just as walk behind concrete saws come in different sizes and are used according to the specifications of different applications, so too are hand held concrete saws. A hand held concrete cut off saw can be used to cut through walls, asphalt, stone, steel or where overhead cutting is needed. These saws can make cuts ranging in sizes from 4 inches to 10 inches, using saw blades that vary from 12 inches to 18 inches in diameter. These cut off saws make cutting through difficult materials easier and can help decrease the time in which a job can be completed.

Materials such as concrete, brick and tile require special types of saws if it needs to be cut and removed. The concrete saw is tool that is made for this specific purpose. The size of the saw that will be needed will vary depending on several different factors. One factor is whether the application is a heavy construction type job or if it is a job that needs to be done around the home. These saws, with their diamond blades are able to cut through large pieces of concrete in a short period of time and help make even the largest concrete cutting applications easier and less time consuming.

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