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Who would have ever thought? Working online from home can actually generate an income. It’s not a lie when people say that you can make money while you sleep. You can literally wake up in the morning and check your Internet sales that occurred throughout the night, or over the weekend while you were partying with your friends or family.

Is the process of making money online simple? Well, for some it actually is. I think that it can potentially be easy for anyone once you sort through the junk online and find something that works. Keep giving things a try to see what makes sense to you. Keep an eye on the progress of the methods that you’ve tried, see your projects through, don’t expect miracles overnight, and when the Internet sales start rolling in, repeat the process. The key is persistence.

There isn’t enough time in a lifetime to try ever method for making money online. But there really is no point to do them all. But once you do find something that is working for you, set it up so it is as hands off as possible. Perfect it so that it is repeatable. If you still aren’t satisfied, package up your process and sell it in the form of an ebook or an online course. You will be getting into product sales, but it isn’t wise to have all of your Internet eggs in one basket after all. Thing do change quickly on the web and you don’t want your income stream coming to a halt. It’s the hard truth about this career choice.

Popular ways to make money online these days include… following blogging blueprints and using various eBay tools like php bay. Also, forex trading online is very popular. You may also get involved in a variety of jobs at home like typing jobs or building web sites. Some teenage webmasters from as far away as Dubai are earning US dollars that equate to a higher income than their folks! Forget the idea of dressing up in high heels, checking out job listings, seeking job interview advice and creating a resume because big bucks are being made online.

I mostly practice in affiliate marketing myself. I put together blogs or web site in small niches and offer products or services where I get commissions for referrals. No muss, no fuss. The next step is driving traffic to these sites. One great way to drive traffic is getting higher rankings in the search engines. A great way to climb the search engines ranks in by getting backlinks to your sites. A backlink is a link pointing to your site from someone else’s in case you wanted a quick definition.

There is debate whether the links should be contextual to be more valuable. Also, backlinks coming from sites related to yours being more valuable is debatable. The anchor text of the link is very important as most will agree. Some say that you should stick to one keyword, others say you should use varying related anchor text.

Just try different things to see what works. This article you are reading is an example of one way I build backlinks to my sites and other web properties. Firstly, I wrote a unique article. Then I rewrote the sentences of the article one time each. I merged the original and rewritten article into a special formay (it’s easier than it sounds) and submitted it to Syndicate Kahuna. SK spun the article into multiple versions and is spreading them around the web for me. Of course, I inserted links into the articles linking back to my sites and otherweb properties, using my chosen anchor text. The top search engines rankings that I’ve achieved using this method has proven this works, and works quite well.

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