The Educational Process

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The 1993, Improving Americas Schools Act was the largest federal government contribution to the educational system (grades K through 12) and it was created to ensure that all students in the United States would be given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills. They have offered support in the national effort to make these education goals a reality in all schools, but especially those that serve the more disadvantaged children living in poverty. By combining federal resources and high standards with accountability, professional development and an upgraded level of instruction, teachers are now able to help guide all students to a higher level of education.

The success or failure of this will make a world of difference. For the children it may mean the difference between finding doors open or closed to them as adults. For the nation it may affect economic prosperity, democracy and world leadership, or it might mean an overall decline in the US standard of living and influence around the world.

While all of these strategies have been “suggested” before, experts claim that they were perhaps not specific enough. This is one reason why organizations such as ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) have broken it down to 5 important educational areas, as resources have not focused enough on a good literacy program.

The traditional add-on type programs are not powerful enough to succeed. Leadership and support for world literacy will help all communities to prosper; therefore, all families and schools must do everything they can to enable their children to reach higher levels of literacy standards.

According to the experts, the first educational area that needs improvement is standards, as higher standards need to be set for all children. Following this is ensuring that improved teaching methods and learning are a priority in every school. Thirdly, the government needs to offer flexibility in order to stimulate local initiatives that are partnered with responsibility for student performance. Students, parents and communities need to work together to meet the higher education goals. Many believe that more federal funds should go where it is needed the most, such as the poorer communities and schools.

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