Video Baby Monitor Options

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There are many features to consider when picking out a video baby monitor. Can you control the screen brightness? Can you pan or zoom in, remotely? Is there black & white image night vision to let you see in the dark? Are there battery saving features? Is voice-activated video available? Can you use rechargeable batteries, as well as an AC adapter? How many parent units does the infant monitor come with? Here is a run-down of some of the top-selling video baby monitors on the market.

The Philips DECT baby monitor is frequently listed as one of the “Top 10 Best Baby Monitors.” Using the latest state-of-the-art security technology, you can rest assured that your baby monitor system works free of interference. Not only can you hear crystal-clear clarity, but you can also talk back through the monitor to soothe your baby. Added special features make it easy for you to monitor the baby’s room temperature and remotely activate lullabies or a light show to help your baby sleep easier. The lightweight receiver comes with neck and belt clips for easy mobility. On the downside, this is also one of the more expensive monitors, retailing at $200.

The Summer Infant video baby monitor ($105) comes with a 7-inch corded video infant monitor, a hand-held audio unit that runs off 3 AAA batteries, a belt clip and a video camera for tabletop or wall mount. You’ll get color and night vision when you want to see what’s going on, but you’ll also have the option of running the monitor in audio-only mode as well. The sound quality is clear, with a wide volume range so you can hear everything. Cordless phones and microwaves do not interfere with this model and even visits to the basement or attic will receive good reception. There are also multi-room units for monitoring more than one child, which many parents like.

A third model to consider is the Digital Deluxe iMonitor Graco baby monitor ($89.99). This day and night, handheld video baby monitor lets you peek at your baby at any hour. By pushing a button, you can take a look on your 1.8-inch screen, no matter where you are in the house. Once you’re satisfied with the situation, you simply push the button again to turn the unit off. The 350-foot range even works outside in the yard and the 900 MHz technology ensures optimal sound clarity. You can use rechargeable batteries (for up to 10 hours) or plug it in, whichever you prefer. You can export pictures to your TV or plug-in headphones. The screen has power saver features, like automatic screen time-out and a convenient “power on” indicator to let you know when your unit is monitoring.

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