Corner Trime And Taps: Installing A Wet Room

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Renovating your home is becoming popular in this time of house market instability as home owners are less willing to sell their homes. One of the best ways to do this is to install a wet room. You can have this fitted for you, but you can save money and learn new skills by fitting a wet room yourself.

First, you need to choose a theme or style for your wet room as this will determine what materials you buy for the floor and walls. Picking a historical theme will add a bit of class to the room. Gold is a great colour to use on your taps and marble epitomises glamour. Or, you can go ultra modern with chrome jets and metallic features, perfect for creating crisp lines and a trendy space.

The first thing you will need to do is prepare the area you intend your wet room to go. t is easiest to convert your existing bathroom into a wet room, and if you have a large enough space, separate the room from the sink and toilet bowls. You must ensure that your floor is water tight so that drain problems are removed and you will not get any leaks. Use a waterproof material for the floor and walls, tiles are great and can come in a variety of styles.

After the floor has been laid, the walls need to be covered. You can get waterproof boards to fit most sized water rooms although I prefer tiles for their aesthetic quality. It is vital that you install a corner trim onto the walls to prevent any damp from leaving the wet room. The trim should be applied to inward facing corners as well as those that point outwards to prevent erosion, mould and injury.

Wet rooms can be fitted into large and small spaces so do not limit yourself when renovating your home. A water room will be a place in which you can relax and unwind for years to come as long as you remember the essentials of corner trim and water proof surfaces.


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