Cordless Phones: Do Your Homework Before You Buy

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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), previously known as Digital European Cordless Telephone is a standard used for cordless phones in Europe, throughout Asia, Australia, South America, and more recently, the United States. DECT cordless phone reviews will help those in the market for a DECT phone make a wise choice. If you find that DECT is not the technology you’re quite looking for, be sure to read up on ISM Cordless phone reviews and explore your wireless possibilities by reading Bluetooth headset reviews.

DECT phones are popular and used in both homes and offices. They have the unique feature of being able to use one base station with multiple handsets. The obvious advantage here as that a user can place various handsets throughout the house while having only one base station plugged into the phone line. These handsets typically use a battery charger station, rather than the more familiar charging on the base station set up. DECT cordless phone reviews should mention the particular set up of the phone in question, and how well it all works together.

DECT phones typically enjoy interference-free sound for up to about 100 meters. Although a particular area may have many wireless networks operating simultaneously, the DECT phones do not tend to have interference issues. Wi-fi, baby monitors and Bluetooth interference is not a problem for DECT.

A great feature available on DECT phones is an intercom-type function. In this case, you use one handset to call another handset. Those with larger homes and offices will find this feature to be a great selling point.

Additional features include extended range and battery talk time. For those who like to wander a bit while on the phone, a DECT cordless phone will allow greater physical distance between the base and the handset than typical cordless phones. Battery talk time can last up to 24 hours on some phones. DECT cordless phone reviews will mention the range available on a particular phone, in addition to addressing the battery life on the phone.

DECT 6.0 phones are made exclusively for use in the United States. Using the “6.0” is actually a marketing term, as U.S. DECT phones actually operate at 1.9GHz. From a marketing perspective, manufacturers wouldn’t want consumers to think the phones are inferior to the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz ISM models, simply because the numbers are larger.

DECT technology has much to offer the consumer looking for a great cordless phone. Consulting various DECT cordless phone reviews will give you a good idea of the features available on the phone, as well as the effectiveness of the range and the battery.


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