What You Should Not Do When Setting Goals

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The biggest mistake when writing down your personal lifetime goals is not being honest with yourself. This is the one reason why so many people do not achieve their goals. And because many people do not achieve their goals, they think writing goals on paper is a waste of time.

When it comes to setting your goals, writing them down is recognized as one of the most effective ways to remind yourself what is your goal. This may be your goal in life or it may be your goal for the week. The heart of the issue that you need to see clearly is the reason you are writing down your goals. Just think about this for a moment. If you are writing down your goals because you will forget them, then they cannot be very important to you. You mustn’t be very serious about obtaining your goals, especially if you have to write them down to remember them. What this means is they must be fanciful goals, like I will be a billionaire next year or, if not that extreme, something which is an impossibility for you to do.

There is value in writing down your goals. The main value is that by writing down your goals and reading them regularly, you maintain your focus and not get distracted, as it is so easy tod o when friends come calling. You must agree that this is a good thing.

Another reason why it good for you to write down your goals is that by reading them regularly you are more likely to achieve them, if they are reasonable and within your reach.

Also writing down your goals enables you to measure your progress towards achieving what you are aiming for. It helps when you have mini goals that are steps along the way to achieving your larger goal and, just by doing this, allows you to record your successes. Recording your successes then encourages you to push ahead to the achieving the next step towards the heights of success you are climbing.

One of the more important reasons for writing down your goals is they will begin to appear to be more believable for you to achieve. This is especially so when your goals fit in with your underlying life’s purpose. When you have a mission statement that defines why you want to achieve what you set out to do, then you will find yourself able to succeed in many more of your little pursuits and endeavors. Here is the biggest mistake you can make when deciding to take control of your destiny and achieve what you desire to obtain out of life. If you cannot be absolutely truthful with yourself, and acknowledge your present circumstances, and why you want to change them, you are impeding your chances for success. This can be very confronting, but it has to be done. The more cuttingly truthful you are with yourself, the greater are your chances of succeeding. And not only success when it comes to achieve goals, but also doing them in record time.

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