The Elusive Characteristics Of The Bubble Chair: Modern Furniture Work By The Famous Eero Aarnio

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Considered as one of the top furniture designers of the 20th century, the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio has established a name for himself making peculiar designs for home furnishings using innovative new materials. And one of the greatest examples of his works is the Bubble Chair. Highly fashionable during the 60’s, the Bubble Chair exceeds common thoughts about chair style and continues to motivate modern stylists to this day.

As its label entails, the Ball Chair is a chair created like an enormous ball. The chair’s unfilled, spherical body is completed from light fiberglass polymer, a substance which is both light and long-lasting. The interior of the Bubble Chair is furnished with two silver or brightly-colored fabric cushions, where a metal ring is located on the border for added support. And unlike most normal chair designs, the Bubble is perched from the ceiling by means of a solid steel chain.

Eero Aarnio made the Ball Chair in 1963 and was in the beginning meant for individual use in his home. Aarnio required to advance the Ball Chair’s design to present lighting in its interior. This idea later grew into a totally new design consisting of a transparent sphere that let light to go beyond from all corners. Because acrylic resin was the only element both transparent and robust enough for the job, Aarnio had one animated and blown into extent and built-in with the metal ring and upholstery.

Because it was founded upon the Ball Chair, the Bubble Chair assigns with the alleged label “room within a room” effect in which the owner feels a sense of calm and severance while inside the chair. This event is founded partially on the thick dome of the chair, which “swallows” or dampens any near sound.

At present, the Adelta furniture group of Dinslaken, Germany is the certified manufacturer of the Bubble Chair,.


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