A Review of the Flexsteel Sofa

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Anytime you are shopping for a sofa and actually need a dependable mid-range seating option, Flexsteel Sofas could be worthy of looking at. However, looking at any sofas needs to consist of more than merely shape and upholstery options. Some Leather Sofa Beds are very much worth your money; one or two might not be worth your time.

To begin with, we need to discuss what makes a particular sofa a Flexsteel sofa. This corporation carved its own place in the home furnishings industry by using blue steel seat springs that were always incredibly comfortable and long lasting. Usually, those springs are supported by excellent grade cushions and upholstery and furthermore are mounted on rather solid frames. Flexsteel additionally builds sleeper sofas with adaptable headrests that let the user to read a book or watch television, as the user would be able to in an adjustable bed. If you aren’t looking for sleeper sofas, Flexsteel has recliner sofas which incorporate very solid tubular-steel frames and handy recessed release handles. All Flexsteel furniture is covered by a very generous warranty. The frames, springs, mechanisms and cushions are covered with a limited lifetime warranty. The upholstery, on the other hand is merely backed by a limited one-year warranty, and this is where the issues start.

Brown Leather Sofas are made in tens of styles and hundreds of upholstery types, and a few types are better than others. In the event that you find yourself charmed by Flexsteel’s top notch construction and are open to getting your new sofa, you will want to have a very frank talk with a Flexsteel salesperson and communicate what you expect brand new upholstery to live through. The majority of Flexsteel furnishings are made in the United States, and by and large these are respectable products. The Latitudes collection of Flexsteel sofas, however, is made in China, and those products may be upholstered in leather which hasn’t been adequately processed.

There have been quite a few complaints about the leather upholstery included on Flexsteel’s Latitudes models, and some consumers have complained that the structure of these particular sofas are not manufactured using the same quality of materials as the typical Flexsteel furnishings. Your best course of action is to steer clear of the Latitudes line completely. When looking at the other Flexsteel sofas, however, some kinds of upholstery can rip or become pierced more readily than many of us are able to live with. Fortunately, if the problems show up early on, the upholstery can be corrected by their limited 1-year warranty. Consequently, if you are willing to go through the process of getting your sofa re-upholstered, any problems can be attended to easily.

If you intend to get a Flexsteel sofa, be certain you will be satisfied with the expense. The likelihood of ever purchasing Flexsteel sofas below the advertized price is about nil. A good choice is a Brown Leather Sofa Bed.

Flexsteel sofas are suitable specimens of properly-built, everyday products which, with some exceptions, can serve you reliably for a generation or more. They are somewhat more pricey than your everyday starter sofas, but very affordable for the majority of consumers. What Flexsteel sofas are not, on the other hand, is the art of upholstery. A Flexsteel sofa is not hand crafted by any standard, but it is excellent considering the price you pay for it.


Kimberly Schultz says:

Kahuna Hart, did you write this? I have noticed that this same write up has been re-written with a slight variation in wording in at least 3 other places on the internet. I’d look into that if I were you. Google “flexsteel leather furniture complaints”, and near this review are other reviews exactly like this, only with different wording.

HART says:

Hi Kimberly.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, although I’m aware that all content under the HART Kahuna author name is syndicated and possibly revised versions of PLR content.

PS: What’s with the “flexsteel leather furniture complaints” ? Did you have a bad experience? Feel free to share .. I don’t mind ;D

Linda says:

I was seriously considering purchasing a Brandon Flexsteel Latitudes in leather sofa and loveseat. But,now I am reconsidering, after reading about the Latitudes history. So – what brand is recommended with good reputation, quality, warranty, leather, etc…………I’m desperate.

Carl says:

My wife and I just purchased a Flexsteel Leather Brandon Line, reclining sofa and loveseat for $2200. We read all the reviews online and debated and debated. We haven’t received it yet, but the bottom line for us was this: If the quality was as poor as some people say, the line would be discontinued because vendors wouldn’t sell it. Retailers don’t want to deal with unhappy customers and deal with poor reviews.
We found the same people complaining on various forums (one goes by the name purpleravengirl). Since people who are happy with their purchase rarely complain, we figured there must not be too may problems. Of course, there are always some bad apples with any item.
People tend to compare Flexsteel with the highest-price lines of furniture, which is not a fair comparison because the prices are double. And they also say the Latitudes line is made entirely in China, which it isn’t. The springs are the same as the lines produced in the U.S. But Flexsteel saves money by only offering a few choices of leather colors, making it more easily mass produced.
Anyone interested in how our purchase worked out can post online here, and I’ll respond once we get delivery.

gordon says:

Im sitting on the latitude brown double reclining sofa and it is one of the most comfortable sofas I’ve ever sat on. I’ve have in the past worked in the furniture buisness for seven years so i have sat on many different kinds of sofas, recliners, etc… After finding what looked like a small circle patch I called my retailer where i used to work at and he told me that it was a scar on the animal. I didnt really belive him so I started to search around on some reviews on flexsteel. What I came across was not pleasing to read and it made me second guess my purchase. For the price the sofa is an excellent purchase, but it is new so I do not know how it will stand to the test of time. I love the USA but it is a sad thing that most of our products are made wholey are partley from overseas, so for now people need to get used to it. Unless people have a fair amount of money to spend on USA made products, overseas made products are going to have to do. Yes, Flexsteel is a buisness that has to keep a reputation, but they do need to make money so they outsource. Im sure flexsteel does not want to go out of buisness for selling half-ass furniture. Dont abuse your furniture and know how to take care of it. So far I’m happy with my purchase but I will be watching my sofa closely

maddy says:

That “mark ” you say is what is called ” the marks of the trail” Flexsteel only uses top grain leather so it will have scars and barb wire marks because it is the best leather available. It is funny but if you went for cheaper leather you would have no marks but that is because cheaper leather actually has a lot more treatment to try to make it look like good leather, but it is the second layer of skin so it does not have the same plush, and it is not as comfortable to the touch. Love you top grain leather you may see scars but understand that shows true quality. Few companies can afford to offer you top grain leather love it.

john selembo says:

How is your sofa wearing? I am thinking of the latitude collection but have doubts about the frame & spring construction? Do they use the same construction material as USA AND ARE THE WARRANTIES THE SAME AS usa?

Lisa says:

Hi Carl,
I am thinking of buying a Latitudes sofa and am concerned about it being manufactured in China. How do you like your new sofa?
Thanks, Lisa

mkm says:

Hi Carl, thanks for your review. We are considering buying Brandon Line and were wondering what your experience has been now that you have probably owned it for 6 months.

Esther says:

Hey Carl, can you share how your Brandon set worked out?

LeAnne says:

Was wondering if you are happy with your Latitudes purchase so far. I ordered one for delivery in a week. I ordered the Grandview in a microfiber upholstery.

Ian Yeboah says:

Thank you for your review of your flexsteel sofa and loveseat. I am contemplating getting the Dylan sofa and loveseat in the latitude collection and will be grateful if you can update me on how your furniture is doing after a year. I read your recent post but since you have had it for a longer period, I would like to hear from you.
Thank you.

Ron says:

Carl, how has your purchase of the Flexsteel Latitudes furnture worked out for you? Are you satisfied with this purchase? Would you recommend this to a friend or family member? Please, respond asap as my wife are considering a purchase. Thanks!

Phyliss says:

I would not buy this item. Maybe I got 2 lemons in a row, but the quality of thread used in the sewing of the leather is of very poor quality. I posted in July? (I think) about my experience. The metal and under carriage are great, and no trouble with the leather quality either. But to have the original and a replacement rip at the seams doesn’t seem right after two normal sized adults, no kids, no pets, only daily use in less than two years. Just my experience.

Susijo says:

We are considering purchasing a sofa from the Latitudes line. (‘Dylan’ on the Flexsteel site, but it is called ‘Bailey’ at Mealey’s Furniture store, where we saw it.) How is yours holding up? One dealer told us he feels the overseas lines from Flexsteel are actually better made than the U.S. ones, that the U.S. tailoring has gotten sloppy. Please share your experience since you purchased several years ago!

Debbe says:

Carl, we looked at the Brandon and Dylan Flexsteel today. I am curious if you are satisfied with your purchase 6 months later?

Wil says:

Lisa, mkm, Debbe

Did Carl ever respond. What’s the verdic?


Sandy says:

Just received my replacement Flexsteel Latitudes set today. Wish I had read this prior to purchasing it in September 2009. While the set is unbelievably comfortable I have to say I am worried about how this set will stand the test of time again. After one year the leather on the one of the cushions on the couch started peeling off. It looked horrible. In fact, every time I walked into the room and saw it I was depressed. We paid approximately $3000 for the set. Fortunately for me, although I contacted the furniture store 3 months past the warranty period they really worked with me. I emailed pictures and they sent them to the manufacturer. Flexsteel claimed they had never seen this before and said they wanted both my pieces back so they could inspect them and I was given a brand new set. Again, the problem with the leather was just on the one cushion of the one couch–no other problems in the 15 months I had the first set so I guess only time will tell how this set will hold up. If I see any signs of issues during the year warranty on this set I will report it so it is covered!

Tami says:

I am considering purchasing sofa & loveseat in the Latitudes collection. It is called Belmont and in the store was the most comfortable set that we found. Has anyone purchased this line and have any feedback?

Linda says:

Hi Tami, We are considering the same set. Did you wind up getting the Belmont series?

carl says:

Hi everyone,
We are enjoying our brandon set. The loveseat was damaged slightly during delivery but the vendor replaced at no cost.
Very satisfied customer. Would recommend. Good mid level furniture. We bought brown leather. Only prob could be if you don’t like console in the middle of loveseat.. Great 4 storage but prohibits cuddling.

Seena says:


It has been 4 years since your purchase how is your sofa now?


Marj says:

I am thinking about purchasing a Dylan sofa recliner from the latitudes collection. Does anyone have this reclining sofa? What do you think? I have reservations based on what I am reading.


Brenda says:

I purchased the Latitudes Wayne brown sofa and the odour was so bad we returned it after 2 weeks. I wanted my money back, but unfortunately credit only. We received the replacement couch and the delivery guys said you don’t want this it stinks-so that one was returned also!! I now have the Natasha couch and I am trying to deal with the smell. Has anyone else had a problem with bad odour with the made in China couches!! Wish I had never bought!!

Ray says:

Hi. I bought the Dylan Sofa recliner and single recliner in April 2008 and am very pleased with the comfort, quality of the build and the leather. My 3 grandchildren love it and it has stood up to all of their unofficial consumer testing to date. I thought I was buying N. America and am disappointed but not surprised to learn that some or all may have been manufactured in China. The leather has a “mark of the trail” on one of the sofa cushions but that was explained by the sales person when I was first looking at buying and provides some “character” to the piece. One area of interest is how does one move the sofa?? I must move by the end of the month and checked the Flexsteel website to see if there might be instruction on how to take it apart but to no avail. I believe the furniture folks who delivered it did so in three pieces but I have yet to find info on this. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated. Highly recommend the Dylan Marg.
Ray in Calgary, Canada

Tami says:


I just purchased the Belmont reclining sofa and loveseat. They delivered it yesterday and we love it so far. It was the most comfortable leather reclining that we found. The loveseat backs came off by pressing a clip. The sofa was taken apart (this took them about 10 minutes with a electric drill.) It looked like they took off both sides with the recliners and the middle was still attached to the base. If you talk to the deliver people that should be able to tell you how to do this.

Good luck!

Linda says:

Hi again, I just saw you did purchase it. Are you still happy with it? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m looking for new sofa for my home. After reading I am not sure about the brand and the warranty I should get. In my opinion Dylan Sofa recliner is should be fine. what do you think?

Terri says:

We are in the process of returning our 2nd set of Latitudes furniture all in a span of 3 months! The 1st set was bent underneath upon delivery, made a horrific clunking noise when footrest was put out and the back on same side was sloped down. Second set arrives and within 4 weeks we are sitting in major low spots because you have to hug the armrest to reach the button for the footrest. Not happy with this line at all, can’t wait for it to be gone. I’am, however, considering the Belmont because the seat cushions are smaller, and I’m thinking they will wear evenly as we won’t have to hug the corner. Anyone out there the owner of the Belmont set?

Thanks for any help!

Ray says:

Just thought I would pass along an update to my request for help on moving the Latitudes Dylan sofa. I went back to the store and the salesman pushed one onto its back and showed me the 12 screws to remove, 4 for each piece. The three seats sit on and are attached to a fore and aft rail. Very easy to move after taking it apart. I expect that this is the way most of them are assembled. Still enjoying my experience with the Latitudes line so far. Good luck everyone and thanks for your responses. Ray in Calgary AB.

Mark Wesler says:

We are considering purchasing the Crosstown dual gliding Reclining loveseat, reclining sofa, and the gliding recliner in the Latitudes collection. After reading some of the reviews, I am now concerned whether this will be a good investment.
MW in Indiana

James says:

My wife and I are planning to purchase a Belmont Reclining Sofa and
love Seat. I have researched this line of Flexsteel products extensively
and compaired them with several other major sofa manufactures. They
are rated in the middle with the majority in the business. I am now undecided if we should proceed with our purchase or look at a different
line. La-Z-Boy is our second choice, but they are rated lower in every category by Leather Shoppers when compared to Flexsteel. Any comments on experiences with La-Z-Boy would be welcomed.

Phyliss says:

I’m done with Flex-Steel. In 2008 we purchased a reclining loveseat in the Latitude line in light beige leather, spending about $1200. Within 12 months stitches underneath the puffy arm started pulling loose. The furniture store replaced it with a brand new piece of the same line. 18
months later the stitching underneath the foot rest is pulling apart from the vinyl used underneath. The only thing Flex-Steel will offer on the second piece is to send us new “sleeves” to be replaced at our own expense (at $200 dollars for the set.) This is not acceptable to me for a leather piece that should last a very long time. I wanted them to refund (pro-rated) money to buy something else. I’m very disappointed with the poor grade of thread used to sew the leather. And I noticed yesterday more stitching is pulling apart in other areas. If Flex-Steel is to maintain a standard of any kind they need to address the poor quality coming from China.

Phyliss says:

Also in addition to my above comment. There is a wonderful company in Tennesse called Jackson Furniture. All made in America and priced below the imported Flex-Steel brand. Take a look at their “Catnapper” line. Very well made and good warranty.

Lavonne says:

Bought a latitudes sofa and recliner almost a year ago. The sofa got a rip on a seam. The dealer sent out a repairman and he could not fix. Flexsteel now wants me to send it back to the factory for repair. I asked the dealer how long and they would not tell me or give me a phone number to flexsteel to find out. Told me to google it. I finally found a number and flexsteel said the dealers are not allowed to give out the phone number. How is that good customer service. They now want me to send back the sofa and it will be about four weeks before I will get the sofa back. I asked what I am supposed to sit on in the mean time and they said talk to the dealer to see if they have a loaner. I spent 1700 on the sofa and am now supposed to sit on the floor!!!!!

Kerry says:

My husband and I are considering the purchase of the Latitudes Fast Lane collection. It is a power reclining sofa and chair (leather) Just wondering if anyone has any information on that line?

Debbie says:

My husband and I purchased two flexsteel sofas with recliners. We have had them for three years, within 1 – 2 years, the leather has faded about two shades on the seat area. I question whether or not we actually purchased leather. I realize they’re discounted, but come on, they should last longer than they did. I have been very disappointed with our purchase. If I had it to do over, I would not purchase any Flexsteel furniture.

JAZ says:

We are owners (unfortunately) of two pieces of the Flexsteel Latitudes line. Having been previous Flexsteel customers, we were sold on their quality and longevity, both of which are no longer true. After delivery, we were originally impressed by the style and comfort of the pieces, but were bothered by a strange odor that burned your eyes. That should have been a warning signal, and I wish we had called them right then to come and take it back. We did not, and began to experience a long list of problems. After 2 and 1/2 years of use, we have replaced the reclining levers on the sofa twice, and have experienced the same problems with the “leather” that others have shared. After 2.5 years of gentle use (we are a full-time working couple with no “at home” children, and two very small dogs) the “leather” is now flaking off the backing material. It becomes worse each day, and is an embarrassment when we have visitors. We are currently trying to get our furniture retailer to help us get Flexsteel to do something about this defective product. So far, we have been unsuccessful as they keep shifting the responsibility to each other. The moral to this story is that we will NEVER AGAIN purchase anything made by Flexsteel, and would strongly recommend that others do the same. Sadly, Flexsteel appears to be content to sell defective furniture, and doesn’t believe in standing behind their products.

Michelle says:

We are planning on purchasing flex steel latitudes capital collection. It was very comfortable and seemed well made. Has anyone ever bought this line before. Of course the sales guy at the furniture store said it was one of their top lines of furniture manufacturers.

Julie says:

DO NOT purchase the Flex Steel Latitudes Furniture. The leather is of poor quality – they say that there is a one year warranty on the covering. I purchased mine in March 2013. Experienced a spot peeling in November – called the dealer who promised a company “Furniture King” would schedule an appointment to come out. It’s now February and I have called the dealer MANY times – and also this Furniture King with no results!! The dealer told me that it might be from a hair product as the peeling spot is on the headrest. Well – other than shampoo, my husband & I do not use hair products. And if it was caused by someone visiting – what are you supposed to do – tell them “don’t rest your head on my couch!!” It cheap crap out of China. I didn’t know this when I purchased it. I was trying to purchase something American made – guess there’s no such thing, especially if you are not wealthy! My advice – buy cheap crap furniture, and replace it every few years. There is no other alternative for people in our income bracket. makes me sad our country has come to this.

Laura Martin says:

We bought a fabric Sofa, love seat and recliner “Chicago” was the style. I called the store (Feb 2014) where we purchased them in Sep 2013 – delivered Nov 2013. Good’s Furniture in Kewanee, IL only to be told after I sent pictures that they showed the pictures to Flex Steel and that the furniture was built to specs and was not a warranty issue. I was told by our sales person, Hope that the furniture needed to “settle” that was why our feet did not touch the floor after I had told her the furniture was not as firm as in the showroom. I was in 2 different show rooms to make sure. The backs did not have as much filling so the seat was deeper and all over softer. The owner of Good’s Furniture in Kewanee told me that it looked like our furniture had settled more than that in the showrooms and so we sat down more in the furniture. She refused to send someone to my home to check. I even offered to bring the chair to them so they could look at it. She declined.

R. Lynn says:

I bought a flexsteel leather sofa and love seat a few years ago, and would never buy another a flex steel product again. I paid about $3,800 for the two pieces which was a major purchase for me, immediately we notice when we sat on the couch or love seat, when we got up we would have flecks of color on us that were coming off the couch and love seat. I started to condition the two pieces weekly, which you shouldn’t have to do. Well needless to say even with this and light use both the couch and love seat started to tear. The love seat has a huge rip in the seat cushion, so I have to use throws on both pieces. I contacted the better business bureau and flexsteel offered me an $800.00 in store credit. Not much considering the money I spent on the couch and love seat. I expected them to last at least ten years. It is very disappointing.

Tracie says:

I just ordered a flexsteel leather sofa – Dickenson. Now i am worried. Does anyone have any information on this sofa as to wear?

Linda says:

I bought a flexsteel Thornton sofa last fall. Chap de Laines told me Flexsteel was made in USA. My couch was made in Mexico, poorly, with staples sticking out, a seam not stitched completely, and the stripes not lining up. I will not shop there again or buy Flexsteel again

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John Smith says:

BEWARE – Flexsteel does not care about customers after the sale and has ZERO customer support. My $1,100 chair failed after 3 months and Flexsteel totally ignored me. Their warranty guarantee is worthless. This chair cost me a lot of money and I bought it with the understanding that it had a great warranty. The quality of the chair seemed good at first but after 3 months the filling totally failed. At this point Flexsteel refused to answer emails and phone calls. I will never buy another Flexsteel item again.

Bernard Thompson says:

Hi all readers, I just sent back to mealeys furniture the sofa love seat & chair 5/7/16. Custom order, from flexsteel. Seam staples were protruding out of seams, fabric not pulled taunt, lumps, sagging sofa base after a month. None of this was Mealeys fault but I think they knew of the problems, so misrepresented the craftsmanship. Check your furniture at delivery, EVERY INCH !!! enough said!!

Darlene Clark says:

I just bought a capital flex steel genuine leather power reclining sofa, love seat and recliner, after reading these reviews I’m a little worried, it was a little pricey, I’m retired and cannot afford to buy a new living room suite every few years, would like to know if anyone has has any problems with these.

Karen says:

I purchased a Flexsteel sofa back in 2014 and still can not get the furniture store (Bennington Furniture store) to make it right. The frame made a terrible noise every time you sat down or moved on the sofa. That took a year and a half for them to fix it. And I have been waiting for replacement inserts for the cushions since September 2016. I have had inserts delivered to me – two inserts for a three cushion sofa. That was done twice. And the last cushions were a set of three but the wrong size. If they have the information on the make of the sofa how can they be “custom making” inserts three times for the wrong sofa??????? And it takes over three months to do. I will never buy a Flexsteel product again.

Laonee says:

Well I will start off by saying I WILL NEVER BUY FLEXSTEEL AGAIN! The craftsmanship is TERRIBLE. We purchased a sofa in April 2016 -we received it about 5-6 weeks later- which we thought was a good time frame to get a special order sofa in -anyway when the furniture store delivery the sofa I was SO disappointed…the fabric was AWFUL!,! The seams were not pulled taunt – it was laid out so the sheen was not laying in the same direction- and every time you sat you could see where you sat – it was a puckery mess. The sofa looked like we had it for 5 years instead of 5 minutes . So after dealing with the salesman and store manager they agreed the the sofa DID NOT look right. So they came and got it and sent it back to get fixed. Well FLEXSTEELS fix was putting more stuffing in the cushions–now when we got it back – it sat hard as a rock and the fabric still looked like it did when they delivered it the first time So now after dealing with the store manager and the FLEXSTEEL REP. They decided to replace the sofa –same style sofa but different fabric which was fine with us Our new FLEXSTEEL sofa was delivered yesterday and the same old thing the seams are NOT pulled taunt — front of the cushion are the same way–the fabric by the zipper it NOT laying flat — Don’t these people know how to sow ??? We 2 are retired and don’t just go out every few years and purchase a sofa We’ve always thought we were purchasing a good name — well made -dependable – good quality- We have had 2 other FLEXSTEEL sofas and never ever had a problem — but they were bought right off the show room floor so we knew what we were getting They have Lost US!! And any family, friend, co worker
Or any one we talk to about furniture– that they need to think twice, maybe even 3 times before considering FLEXSTEEL. NOT A HAPPY FLEXSTEEL CUSTOMER in MICHIGAN

Pam Carey says:

Hello Laonee:

I am curious to know if the sofa you purchased was from Flexsteel’s Latitudes line. You did not say which sofa you purchased. I was looking at the Flexsteel Westside Collection which I think is manufactured here in the United States.

I, like you, do not go out every few years and purchase a sofa. When I purchase a new one in a few months, it will be about 20 years since my last one.

I would appreciate knowing which line of Flexsteel you purchased.

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