Job Interview: Are You Ready To Answer These Questions?

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This article will tackle one of the most sticky and unpleasant questions asked in almost every job interview. That is “Why are you available?”. Your answer will be either straightforward or quite simple depending on your situation and circumstances.

Below you will find three possible variants to answer this question:

1) You need a change / challenge

You can raise suspicion even by giving a short, simple answer. If it conveys the wrong message your honesty won’t be appreciated. Perhaps, you are simply tired of the routine you’ve been doing for a long time and don’t see any perspectives staying on the current position. That’s very understandable but the thing is to tell all this information without sounding like you are “burned out” on the current position.

“I’m pursuing a new job to have new challenges. I’ve been on my current position for three years and I don’t see any perspectives anymore. I’m in a search of the company that can provide interesting tasks and challenges for me.”

Remember that if you are putting too much emphasis on “interesting tasks and challenge”, your potential employer might become concerned that you can become dissatisfied with this job once your preferences change you met all the challenges. Your interviewer is tracking the patterns and if you were bored on your last job, you might as well be bored on this job.

So to avoid making bad impression it is advised to change your reply into more proactive one. “As long as don’t see any advancement opportunities in this company, I’ve come to conclusion that I should look for other career options. My current position doesn’t meet the goals I’ve set for myself. My aim is to be employed by a larger organisation with a possible career path.”

This answer leaves the feeling that the person knows exactly what s/he wants, has specific plans and career goals.

2) You’ve been laid off

This reason is pretty topical these days and you can simply state that “I was laid off”. But such short answers won’t do you any good. The interviewer will still think of deeper reasons. So it is highly recommended to make your answer more specific.

“I’ve gone through six rounds of layoffs at my last job. Surviving the first five, I was initially laid off because my position was completely eliminated and the project we were working on was permanently stopped.” With variations of your situation providing facts and figures surrounding your layoff will certainly improve your response.

3) You’ve been fired

It’s definitely not a good reason but you should keep in mind that many depends on your ability to deal with the situation. Anyway, it’s a good idea to script your response ahead of the interview. You should follow two main rules: don’t bad-mouth your previous employer and don’t sound like a victim.

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