New Moon Merchandise For Twilight Fans At Christmas

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With New Moon creating such a buzz with devotees of the Twilight saga books and films, there’s a large demand for New Moon toys this Xmas, and NECA and Co have done a great job and come home with the goods. Whereas there was just a few varieties of things which are around for devotees of the first Twilight movie, there’s a massive quantity more now around for the second movie in the Twilight movie saga. Due to the abundance of different items that are around in the range of New Moon toys, there are ideal items for both large or small presents.

Some of the best selling items of New Moon toys for Christmas embrace the official New Moon Calendar, the first soundtrack to the New Moon movie (as well as the sound track CD), Twilight replica jewellery, movie posters, New Moon action figures, stationery and abundant more.

The range of New moon action figures is a wonderful illustration of how the Twilight toys range has extended. With the first movie there was only a figure of Edward Cullen (as played in the films by Robert Pattinson) and a restricted double-pack of Edward and Bella figures. This time around there’s a range of individual action figures to decide on from, together with Edward, Bella, Alice and Jacob. Each is articulated and arrives in New Moon themed packaging.

The replica jewellery is a wonderful idea for devotees of the saga too. With those inconspicuous pieces of jewelry, devotees can show off their allegiance to the Twilight saga to alternative devotees in the know, while not being too blatant concerning it. One of the best instances of the replica jewellery for example that is the cool replica of Edward Cullen’s wristband, that is positive to seek out an area in every devotee’s collection of Twilight New Moon collectables.

All of the toys from the new movie is of a very high standard. NECA and the allied corporations that are producing the official stuff are on best form right at this time, and therefore the figure likenesses, design and photos are entirely of a very high standard. No matter whether you are on Team Jacob or Team Edward, there’s a good range of New Moon toys to check out for this Christmas, and something to suit every budget.


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