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If you are skeptical, as the subtlest body language affects your love life, play games with me.

Straighten your arms as if you are doing “Heil Hitler Salute.” What you feel? Dominant, aggressive, angry, right? This is not your hand is the creation of these feelings, incidentally. This is your palm.


Keep your hands in the air, but now turn the palm up. What feelings now? Open, inviting, fun. Turn the palm of your hand and you feel like Hitler. Plug it in and you feel like…


Now, if simple movement of his hand has the emotional impact on you, imagine its impact on other people.

Obviously, we do not go saluted as SS guards, but you’d be surprised at how everyday gestures Palm may have almost the same negative consequences. A small example: I have a good friend who loved a lot of good people. Although I think he is kind and generous, some people took me aside and said: “There is something about him that rubs me the wrong way.”

That “something” is how he uses his hands. In the example of Hitler, you have seen, raw emotional power of a simple position Palm, but again, it is not realistic. Here’s how the palm can make someone like you (my friend) in a real conversation.

Stand in front of a mirror, so that you can see total force. Let us assume you met fellow, who’s so good looking it makes teeth ache. Pretend you tell to it anecdote about that time, you asked colleague for displacing the heap of folders of one end of the room in another. With your palm downward, direct hand to the imaginary of heap, then, where you want, in order to it. Now try again, this time indicating your indicating finger.

Each of these positions Palm Toothache think you are prick. And it even will not be able to describe to you, why. But I do not can. Studies show, both these sides of positions to associate contemptuous, the imperious personality. Especially, indicating by finger. This subconsciously is received as symbolic club that you beat up listener, your kind of above- primates the impact by hand to use for the attack.

In actuality, research so clearly and so consecutively it rises on the level of the law: Never with whom to talk, indicating by finger or the transformations by palm downward. If you usually indicator is finger, feet. Yes, some children it is included on by macho command- control numbers by authority, but it is agreeable. When you for the last time someone said to yourselves: “Today I want to meet with the haughty the prick, which thinks that I am idiot.

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So, in the view of the described above it is wise to get through these free dating online tips – before you start experiencing the world of dating sites free mania.

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