Planning Your Job Search

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1st day. It’s time to start planning your job hunt. The big mistake is to submit your resume to every company more or less suitable for you. Remember that at this stage your goal is to define your target job, benefits you want, etc. To be on the safe side you may want to sign up for unemployment if appropriate. At home organise your office space to distract yourself from distractions since looking for job is a full time job.

2nd day. After the job hunt plan is designed, start developing your marketing materials. Sketch out your CV. Decide on either chronological or functional CV. It is advised to add the summary section at the top to make the recruiters life easier and improve your chances of being invited to the interview. A good CV demands your time and patience – review and revise it a couple of times before you get it right. It’s crucially important to check spelling and grammar errors and get at least one or two other people to check it out for you as well. All this revising and checking will take two or three days so we will raise this trek up on day 5. While doing this you shuld remember about such essentials of your marketing strategy as networking profiles, motivation letters and letters to recruiters.

3rd day. Today you should take bull by the horns and decide where you want to post your CV. There are countless web sites out there that differ from each other in the information they request from a job seeker. Some sites require creating a biography along with CV when an employer expresses an interest. So it’s your task to find a web site that best suits your interest. Also, it’s a good idea to register with recruiters that specialise in your field of expertise.

4th day. The strategy of sitting back and waiting for prospective employers to call is not going to work. Right now is a good moment to think of networking possibilities and to do a research on this. Everyone you know might be a potential lead to your new job. Compile a list of everyone you have worked with, don’t forget about members of the group (professional, religious, social) you know.

5th day. The last work day of your job hunt should involve analysing of your networking list. Gather all the contact information of your contacts, inquire their present positions. Act determined and professional but don’t forget to be human: ask them about how their families are doing, their personal satisfaction with job. With your updated and revised CV, a well written motivation letter and several references you are fully equipped to land yourself the job you want.

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