The Summer Infant Monitor Series

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Summer Infant monitor choices offer a line of cutting-edge video baby monitors to enable parents to keep a diligent eye on their infants, while tending to other chores around the house. Two of the newest and most popular models are The Day & Night Color Flat Screen Video Monitoring System ($189.99) and the Day & Night Color Video Monitor with Baby’s Crib Soother ($199.99). “Summer Infant continues to bring cutting-edge innovation to baby video monitoring systems with these two new products, and at the same time, also offers parents more energy-efficient solutions,” said Jason Macari, President and CEO of the Summer Infant company. “Our new monitors include features such as remote operation, digital technology and flat screen design — all with Energy Star approvals. Now caregivers can keep a close watch on their babies and can feel good about the energy efficient choices they have made.”

The Summer Infant Day & Night Color Flat Screen Video Monitoring System comes with a 7-inch, flat-screen LCD baby monitor that parents can watch for $199.99. An extra audio monitor unit with belt clip and added portability can also be purchased with the set for $219.99. Their high-quality, versatile video monitors can be mounted under a cabinet, placed on a nightstand or on a countertop. The baby monitor camera also comes with night vision, so parents can watch what’s going on, even in the dark. With the wall mount option, parents can choose which angle they prefer.

Parents who prefer a color picture plus portability may want to consider the “Handheld Color Video Monitor with 1.8-Inch Screen” for $142. This model is less costly than the ones with the large 7-inch LCD screens, which some people may find to be a bit much anyway. Yet it’s also more advanced than the least expensive Summer Infant monitor model, the 5-inch black and white screen model, because it offers color and greater mobility. At Amazon, 111/194 customers gave this product the top 5/5 rating. Another 40 consumers gave this product 4/5 stars. Those who loved this infant monitor said they liked the ability to go out to the hot tub or stay in bed and still see whether the baby was waking up or not. The compact receiver, the ability to connect the receiver to the TV, the crystal clear picture and the mobility are all things that consumer praised.

Some people may have trouble with the Summer Infant monitor products, depending on where they live. In places with tightly-packed homes or apartments that have radio, TV, wireless internet, cordless phones and other video infant monitors going all the time, there may be problems with static, interference or even security. A few of the monitors have been known to pick up neighbors’ cribs, when the same model was purchased. Consumers note that they liked the Summer Infant models better than the Safety 1st Baby monitors, the Fisher Price baby monitors and Mobi Cam baby monitors, although the Philips baby monitors may offer less interference and added security in bustling areas.

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